The slogans in Tromsø are causing a stir: – It's about desperation

The slogans in Tromsø are causing a stir: – It's about desperation

Å FY F …: Northerners are known for their juicy language and they're not afraid to use it. This was evident on the May 1 train this year in Tromsø. Photo: Morten Ottosønn Aune

What… are these really the passwords people use in Tromsø?

The May Day Train in Tromsø is unlike any other May Day train.

– This is to address the frustration we experience in Northern Norway when it comes to many things, says Amund Sjoli Svein.

Amund Sjoli Sweyn
<-Amund Sjoli Sweyn

Artist and writer

He is at the forefront of the Nording movement – ​​an artistic and political project that has been ongoing since 2014.

They were behind many slogans in Tromsø on Labor Day.

Other things:


And in particular:

“Now that will be enough for the devil in Helvet. Kiss me in the middle of the ass, poor horse cow. We'll have the fescue again in the spring”.

Photo: Photo: Sebastian Wilches / Vårscenefest

Marie Sneve Martinussen, Tromsø's main speaker and Rødt leader, says she walked behind the post-parole during parts of the train. And she is enthusiastic.

– I fully support both the manifestations of authority and the message! He tells Viji that there is no reason to put anything in between when talking about something as important as the basics of coastal life, the fish in the sea.

Mary Snave Martinussen
<-Mary Snave Martinussen

Leader in red

– It may be more relevant now about quota announcements and activities on the coast of Finnmark. Local coastal fisheries don't ask that most of the fishery's value come inland and benefit coastal communities, says Swain.

The first slogan was inspired by Icelander Gunnar Mar Pedersen, who identified “.Hell, man» Out of the Aldinger during the 2008 financial crisis.

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– Amund Sjoli tells Svein VG that there is a frustration with those in power who do not listen and sit far away from ordinary people.

– Printing a clear and generally consistent message that can be reused every year is more environmentally friendly, says Rødt president Sneve Martinussen, because next year there will be some pranks that deserve a strong reaction.

The slogan “Fesken vårres” is an almost verbatim quote from a reader's post by fisherman Vegard Bangsund.

Photo: Photo: Sebastian Wilches / Vårscenefest

– The policy is considered too narrow, says Sween.

and comments on his own political program.

– Nording tries to raise the issue of power between the South and the North. Natural resource ownership – where the money ends. He said it was an attempt to regain power.

– How did people react to Paralon?

– People recognize themselves in them. I think they evoke a kind of joy and excitement, which I think is important when it comes to politics. It's easy to get caught up in all the crazy stuff, but commitment should be fun. We saw smiles spread across the faces of people standing by the road.

Photo: Photo: Sebastian Wilches / Vårscenefest

Artist Niko Valkeapää was the most prominent constant bearer. He doesn't think much about which slogan Nording takes, though he says he's satisfied with his choice.

– but when I think about it now, there are many things but he said “Hællvettes føkking føkk!!” said about

She says her frustration with power imbalances and discrimination is behind her slogan.

– House prices in Tromsø have a large class difference. Other examples could be the government's disregard for the Supreme Court judgment in Foshan. There are many such things, he says.

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