'The Sopranos' Star Drea Di Matteo Talks Career Change:

'The Sopranos' Star Drea Di Matteo Talks Career Change:

Actress Drea De Matteo (52) is known as Adriana La Cierva on the hit series “The Sopranos,” and many people may also know her as Angie Pauline from “Frustrated Wives.” She also starred opposite Matt LeBlanc in the sequel to Friends, Joey.

“Sopranos” star surprises.

For seven years she played in “The Sopranos”, but in the summer of last year the 52-year-old was able to reveal a new career path. Like many well-known profilers, Matteo joined the photo and video sharing service OnlyFans.

She wrote in an Instagram Story to her 498,000 followers:

Surprises: Drea Di Matteo, also known as Adriana La Cierva from the hit series “The Sopranos,” surprises with her first appearance on “Onlyfans.” Video: HBO Max/Red Lions.
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“I'm on OnlyFans now. Link in bio.”

Now she's also revealing why she ended up on the controversial site correspondingly daily Mail.

After she refused to take the Covid-19 vaccine, it became difficult for her to get jobs in Hollywood, which meant that the star had only ten dollars, or approximately 106 Norwegian kroner, left in her bank account, according to the newspaper.

She ended up in a difficult financial situation and in the end was unable to pay the amount she owed, among other things, on the mortgage.

Snap at the training center: Onlyfans star Maddy Roffey was filming a warm-up workout at the gym when an unknown man approached her to yell at her. This caused the comments section to boil over. Video: TikTok/X. Illustrations: Play repeat. Reporter: Kaja Gustafsen Tveteni/Dagbladet TV.
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– There was a forced auction and my house sank, so I tried to sell it quickly. I wanted to try to sell it before they took it.

During the financial crisis, the actor also lost his mother. Mateo says joining OnlyFans was a last resort to save her family.

Main role: It was not for the TV series

Main Role: The TV series “Joey” did not have a long life, but Draya had a big role opposite Matt LeBlanc in the spin-off series “Friends”. Image: NTP
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-He saved us. OnlyFans saved my life 100 percent. “I can't believe I'm saying this, but he really saved us,” the star told the Daily Mail exclusively.

To access the 52-year-old's content, one must pay $15, or approximately 160 kroner, per month. Her closed profile doesn't offer much information about what content subscribers can expect, but on Instagram she shares several photos taken from the account.

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