– The support was overwhelming – VG

- The support was overwhelming - VG
No representation: In 2018, Maren Lundby won the Olympic gold medal in Pyeongchang. In 2022, she will not appear at the Olympic Games in Beijing.

Skier Maren Lundby (27) drops the Olympics because she doesn’t want to lose weight in an untenable way. Since the announcement, the support has been great.


– The support was overwhelming. I’ve received so many messages of kindness and warmth, which I really appreciate,” Lundby writes in an SMS to VG on Friday.

The day before, Lundby had told NRK They will not appear during the Winter Olympics in Beijing in February or next season in general.

jumping star opened They struggle with weight requirements. Lundby says she’s not ready to lose weight in an untenable way toward the championship. Lundby has been very sensitive speaking to the government channel.

Since the news broke, Lundby has received a lot of support. A number of people have praised Lundby as a role model for the openness she shows.

The hero and role model we did not know we needed and certainly do not deserve. Cheers !! , Alpine climber Rasmus Windingstad writes on Instagram.

In ski jumping, the body mass index of the athletes is measured. If your BMI is less than 21, the length of the skates will be cut according to the formula.

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– This shows how good a role model Marine is

The 27-year-old from Totten is currently participating in the TV 2 show “Skal vi danse”. On Saturday, there is a new broadcast with partner Philip Rabe.

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“I think it’s going to be a special day at Skal vi danse tomorrow, considering the dance I’ll be doing there,” Lundby hints.

This week is ‘Celebrity Choice’, which means that the celebrities themselves choose the song and dance. Lundby chose “The Smile in Your Mirror” by Chris Holston.

Ski Jump said the “We’ll Dance” project was an attempt to find answers. She says there are natural reasons why her body has changed recently.

– It’s too heavy. I think it’s a good choice, and I’m doing it to take care of myself, not to take any shortcuts. I know I’ve always been very good at doing things right, and I intend to continue to do so, Lundby told NRK.

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Lundby faces the Olympics: – A long and arduous process

Lundby stands with one Olympic gold, two World Cup golds, and 30 individual World Cup victories.

Brother Oyvind Lundby gave his full support to his sister:

– It’s a tough decision respected. Health is more important than an Olympic medal. He told VG: I’m cheering for Marin anyway.

Huber Lane Jahr was proud to have chosen Lundby.

This confirms her role model as an athlete. Body and health are more important than performance in the Olympics. This is a very nice position. It’s something I try to live with a little later in my work as a girls’ jump coach, Jaher said.

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