The Sveaas camp will meet small shareholders – E24

The Sveaas camp will meet small shareholders – E24

The power struggle continues between the largest owners of shipping company Solstad Offshore. Now the Sveaas bloc will put its case before small shareholders.

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Investor Kristen Sves believes the Solstad Offshore bailout blatantly discriminates against shareholders in favor of Kjell Inge Røkkes Aker.

On Tuesday, key employees of Sveaas’ investment company Kistefos will hold a digital meeting with small shareholders. Rem confirms that Kistefos CEO Bengt Rem and Investment Director Lars Petter Utseth are scheduled to participate.

The meeting is organized by Per Morten Shaw (55). He runs the Facebook group “Solstad Offshore Investors”. The group has more than 7,200 members.

Per Morten Show

– We want them to present how they see the matter and what could be a solution to it, as they requested an extraordinary general meeting and threatened to take legal action, says Shaw to E24.

– Engagement

A survey conducted by Shaw indicates that there is an overwhelming majority in the group to vote in favor of the Sfias proposal. 183 people responded.

Shaw said there was great interest in the scheduled meeting.

The shareholder book shows that the listed shipping company had 10,420 shareholders as of Friday, December 8 this year.

Shaw says he previously owned Solstad Offshore shares, but sold them before the summer.

-I’m very relieved that I’m not a shareholder now.

– Why are you spending time on this?

– I do this based on a commitment I made to myself for a long time. The driving force is to inform small savers about what is happening on and around the stock market in different stocks. There is an ocean of learning and many can easily make mistakes.

– About time

Schou also runs other stock forums on social media.

Shaw confirms that this has nothing to do with his daily work.

Schou is a lead store agent at Telenor and is the employee representative on the telecom giant’s board of directors.

– The Board of Directors must take care of all shareholders. To some extent, I agree with what Kestivus and Svea explained. There has been a lot going on in and around Oslo Bors which is unacceptable. It’s time for someone to put their finger on what’s going on.

Shaw notes that he believes some players are being disadvantaged.

– An important decision was made without presenting it to shareholders. There was no extraordinary general meeting at Solstad Offshore.

Akar rejected Kestevos’s criticism.

Lars Peder Solstad, CEO of Solstad Offshore, said Kistefos’s criticisms were full of factual errors.

Solstad Offshore Chairman Harald Espedal said there was a big discrepancy between the words Kistefos used and the market reaction.

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He will meet with Solstad’s management

Solstad Offshore will hold an extraordinary general meeting in accordance with Sveaas requirements. There, shareholders will vote on whether the company should pursue a lawsuit against the board and others. The date has not been set yet.

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– How do you want to prevent this from turning into just collecting votes from Kestivus?

– We will invite the management in Solstad to a separate meeting, where they can present their positions. I don’t think it’s a good idea to have a meeting where both parties participate at the same time.

Solstad’s management will have the opportunity to answer questions regarding, among other things, the procedures, if they agree to hold a meeting.

– Then we have to wait and see if they respond to him.

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