The Taliban Black List: Fears of Mass Executions

The Taliban Black List: Fears of Mass Executions

– The term “blacklist” is not something that comes from us. But let me put it this way: I have no doubt for a moment that the Taliban have a “blacklist”. We are talking about the systematic search for people, which is based on a very high level in the Taliban hierarchy.

Christian Nellmann tells Dagbladet. He is the leader of the norwegian Repto Center, which is behind a widely publicized report claiming that the Taliban are carrying out a targeted door-to-door operation targeting selected Afghans and their family members. The report is shared with the United Nations.

The Taliban is classified as a terrorist organization. But a terrorist group cannot control a country. They are first and foremost a religious guerrilla organization.

family chase

Dagbladet read parts of the report, including a letter allegedly addressed to an employee of the Afghan security authorities. According to the letter, he worked closely with British and American forces.

The letter was allegedly issued by the Taliban’s Military Intelligence Committee.

“You have been asked to submit a report to the headquarters of the Military and Intelligence Committee in Kabul to provide information about your work with and affiliation with England and the United States,” said a special translation of the report of the letter, written in Pashto.

The speech continues:

– If you do not inform the committee, your family members will be arrested instead. This is your responsibility. You and your family members will be treated in accordance with Sharilov.

Update: Latest evacuation news in Afghanistan.
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– can be implemented

According to Neilman, the Taliban pursue people according to their own understanding of Islamic law.

– We don’t know what they will be accused of. There are many possibilities. It can mean arrest and interrogation, in some cases torture, and in other cases it can mean they can be executed.

According to the report, the Taliban conducted an extensive survey of the individuals involved before seizing power. The report also claims that there are priority lists of people to be arrested – including members of the security services, special forces, police and military.

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The center also stated that it had received reports of the exposure of journalists and their families, and the report refers to information that executions took place in recent months. German newspaper German wave She reported that a family member of one of her journalists was shot dead by the Taliban.

– These are not just loose rumours. We know of a number of liquidations that took place in recent months, and earlier. Neelman claims that prior to the capture of Kabul, individuals who played a pivotal role in economic intelligence were killed.

– He will seek revenge

According to the Repto Center, the Taliban sought to search for people with hidden identities and secret addresses.

– I fear that we will have persecution of many of these individuals. Of course, some Taliban soldiers will seek revenge, Neelman says.

The availability of names and addresses shows that the Taliban has a well-developed information network. The search for “targets” is said to have already begun in the early hours after the fall of the capital on August 15.

shocked: The Afghan ambassador to Norway, Yusuf Ghafourzai, says the situation in Afghanistan is appalling and asks the international community for more help.
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– A few hours after they entered Kabul, they went straight to these people’s apartments. They had access to their cell phones, and they knew where their families were. They also knew when to stay in Europe, Britain and the United States, and received training there.

According to Neelman, immediately after the Taliban entered Kabul, they also searched for mosques, imams, and others with information on the network. In the future, he says, the Taliban will likely call for widespread coverage of the population.

– We are seeing a rapid and visible increase in their information network.

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Nice press conference

Neelman stresses that the only information that indicates this should change is that provided by the Taliban through their own press conferences.

– To say the least this should turn around now. They promised to respect women’s rights and human rights, within the framework of Islamic law and Afghan traditions, and promised amnesty. But if they really wanted to grant a pardon, they would have issued an amnesty advisory opinion, Any religious declaration of pardon. He says they didn’t.

Afghanistan: Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid met with the press for the first time since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan. Host: Magnus Paus / Video: AP / Dagbladet TV
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Not only is the Taliban’s intelligence network more advanced than before.

– They also have a better propaganda device than we’ve seen before. There is a difference between a nice press conference in Kabul and a video showing a beheading or someone sitting with a Kalashnikov in a cave in the mountains.

– more professional

He describes the new Taliban as a more “established organization” than the one that ruled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001.

– They’re not the cutest, but they’re more professional than what we saw 20 years ago. We expect to see the Taliban much more organized and more governmental in nature.

I mentioned Friday Aftenposten The defense has received unconfirmed reports that leaders in the Afghan security forces are being sought and executed. Neilman confirms that the Repto Center is receiving similar messages.

Excited: US Marines at Kabul International Airport, Friday, August 20.  Photo: Lance Corporal.  Nicholas Guevara/USMC via AP/NTB
tension: US Marines at Kabul International Airport, Friday, August 20. Photo: Lance Corporal. Nicholas Guevara/USMC via AP/NTB
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He asserts, however, that there is uncertainty associated with all information from Afghanistan.

We work with very large networks around the world. We have a formal exchange of information with both the United Nations and Interpol, and we work with exploration journalists and NGOs. We try to communicate with direct sources in Afghanistan as much as possible.

He asserts that the Repto Center is not an intelligence service.

– We give the best possible information, sometimes a blind hen also finds pills.

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Fear of mass execution

Neilman says he expects more liquidations in the future — but also more brutal interrogations.

worst case scenario They are mass executions. But it is equally important for them to conduct more interrogations, in order to gain access to larger networks. It’s not their goal in and of itself to kill as many as possible, even if it did.

Among other things, the Taliban are said to have gained access to information via the mobile phones of the people they tracked.

Even if you can’t hack the phone, it’s not hard to get someone to unlock their phone if you stimulate them hard enough.

– daily killing

Neelman believes that the reduction in attacks on Western forces in Afghanistan has created the impression that the overall situation in the country has improved in recent years.

He points out that the Taliban practically controlled large areas of the provinces for a long time.

– They killed between 10 and 30 Afghan security forces a day – daily – In the last years. People were killed in areas that were under the control of the Afghan police or army and were liquidated all the time. It is claimed that everyone in these groups is at extremely high risk.

In early August, the US and British embassies accused the Taliban of “slaughtering dozens of civilians in retaliation for killings that could be considered war crimes” in Spin Boldak near the border with Pakistan, it was reported. Al Jazeera. The Taliban denied the allegations.

Neelman says the Taliban made a tactical assessment to allow Western forces to leave the country.

Then the system will collapse. And they’re right, that’s what happened. Therefore, it is likely that they will continue to facilitate the exit of Westerners from the country.

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