The Tesla Model Y is going gray in the US

The Tesla Model Y is going gray in the US

Finish this: There will be no more like this in Norway in the foreseeable future.

It is a new standard in the US but:

Midnight Silver gray will be the new starting point for the Model 3 and Model Y in North America. However, in Norway, it can no longer be obtained – for the Model Y.

Tesla customers who enter American componentFrom today we will see the Tesla Model Y in “Midnight Silver” – before they change.

And if they chose something else, they had to pay $1,000 for white or blue, $1,500 for black—and $2,000 for red.

not white: Screenshot of a Tesla configurator in the US.

The change applies to the Model Y and the Model 3. For the Models S and X, it remains the same “white multi-pearl coat” which appears before the modifications.

away in Europe

Whether the change will ultimately have a say for Norwegian and European customers is pure speculation. But as of now, that seems unlikely.

Gray only: Screenshot from a Tesla configurator in Norway.

gray color only: Screenshot of a Tesla configurator in Norway.

Tesla’s best-selling vehicle, the Model Y, in Midnight Silver can no longer be purchased in Europe.

The change came out this week and therefore does not apply to the Model 3, Model S or Model X.

more expensive color

Tesla doesn’t run the same color scheme around the world, and German Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg supplies the “Midnight Cherry Red” and “Quicksilver” colors on the Model Y.

These colors aren’t available in the US, but the latter is the only option right now if you want to order a gray version of this car via Norwegian component.

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This also makes choosing gray somewhat more expensive. Midnight Silver cost NOK 13,500, while Quicksilver cost NOK 25,000 since the color became available. This has not changed.

● White has been the standard color since 2019, According to Electrek.

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