The Tonga tsunami has reached New Zealand

The Tonga tsunami has reached New Zealand

– Daylight confirmed the extent of the damage to the marina in Totokaka, with sad news for the owners of a number of boats. In a statement issued by the Civil Defense in the northernmost region of Northland, it said that clean-up work is already underway.

New Zealand authorities warned people to stay away from the sea and coastal areas, but there was no need to carry out evacuations.

– This is the largest eruption of the Hongga-Tonga-Hongga-Hapai volcano to date, and the eruption is still ongoing, according to the New Zealand Crisis Service.

New tsunami alert

The Joint Australian Tsunami Warning (JATWC) has issued a new tsunami warning for the east coast of Australia as a result of the volcanic eruption, according to reports. 7 news.

Thus, the beaches on the east coast of Australia are closed and evacuated.

More tsumans mentioned

Tonga is located about 2,000 kilometers northeast of New Zealand.

The volcanic eruption triggered a tsunami that led to tsunami warnings being issued for New Zealand, Fiji, Vanuatu, Chile, American Samoa, Australia and Japan, as well as Hawaii and Alaska in the United States.

Waves about one meter high reached the southwestern part of Japan earlier on Sunday morning.

The volcanic eruption caused Tonga to lose access to the outside world. Sunday morning, the telegram from Fiji was still cut.

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