The war in Ukraine – revealed:

The war in Ukraine – revealed:

The 27-year-old Nadia Karpova has been playing soccer in the Spanish series since 2017. Now for Espanyol.

After Russia went to war against Ukraine in February of this year, it spoke again and again about its home country and President Vladimir Putin.

Putin recently met with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko. There, the Belarusian president made a seemingly ironic, but sensational statement.

We’re both hostile parties. We are the most destructive and toxic people on the planet. We only disagree on one thing: which of us is worse? Vladimir Vladimirovich says it’s me. I’m starting to think it is. Well, we decided we were just as bad, Lukashenko said, according to Dagbladet’s translation.

Putin was sitting about a meter and a half away from Lukashenko when the words fell out. Lukashenko repeatedly turned his gaze towards Putin, Putin nodded and smiled approvingly while Lukashenko said Putin says he’s the worst.

Meta: Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin met recently.  Photo: Sputnik/Pavel Bednyakov/The Kremlin

Meta: Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin met recently. Photo: Sputnik/Pavel Bednyakov/The Kremlin
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– garbage

This caused the Russian Karpova to react strongly.

– You’re trash. You are still being judged. You are not just toxic. You fascist we don’t need in this world. “I hope you get what you deserve,” Karpova wrote in an Instagram story for her 143,000 followers. Newsweek.

full tip: Huge crowds of Argentines took to the streets to pay tribute to their World Cup heroes. And some came out “everything”. Video: AP/Twitter
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The Belarusian expert, Arv Hansen, of the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, considers Lukashenko’s statement an attempt at ridicule.

– From time to time Lukashenko tries to be humorous in his speeches, but usually not very successfully. Because if there’s one thing dictators don’t have, it’s humor. Putin himself tries to be funny at times, but as a rule it is only seen as rudeness, Hansen tells Dagbladet.

– Importance

Karpova, who has not played an international match for Russia since 2019, is also one of the few Russian athletes who has been open about her antics.

This summer, Russia’s top-ranked tennis player, Daria Kasatkina, came out as a lesbian, at the same time criticizing the way Russia treats LGBT people. At that time, I also thanked Karpova.

– Nadia didn’t just help herself out of the closet and get rid of the burden she was carrying. It also helped many others. I think it’s important for influential practitioners to be open-minded. Kasatkina said, according to the report, that she helps young people in the community Sky News.

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