– Theft to ship at work

- Theft to ship at work

Employees in the Danish municipality of Fredericksburg have received an information letter stating that it is theft to charge private items, such as cell phones, electric bicycles and electric scooters, in the workplace.

The dispatcher is the head of the municipality’s Department of Horticulture and Roads, Ole Philip, who makes the statement to K-Newsa Danish website on legal news, said the email has been sent because Fredericksburg will save energy.

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He sees no reason to collect private, battery-powered assets that are not in business at the municipality’s expense.

“I can’t say now that diesel is so expensive, I use a municipal diesel tank to fill up my car,” he tells K-News.

When asked if there are grounds for dismissal if an employee charges their mobile phone at work, he said:

As in all cases of dismissal, this will be based on a concrete assessment of each case in collaboration with our Human Resources department.

At the same time, says the mayor, Stig Henberg TV 2 Laurie The tone of the information letter is “a little square”.

Fredericksburg municipality does not have actual guidelines for charging employees for special equipment in the workplace. We don’t want strict rules, but common sense and a flexible approach that takes employees’ daily lives into account, he told TV 2 Lorry.

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