New European figures: More electric cars were sold than diesel cars last year

New European figures: More electric cars were sold than diesel cars last year
The best-selling electric cars in Germany: we look at them specifically number New electric cars sold in Europe last year, Germany comes in first with approximately 524,219 electric cars, which is equivalent to a quarter of the entire market in the region. Photo: Jamison Buthikari/

Norway is of course still in the lead in Europe, but among EU countries Sweden is now in the lead.

Automotive industry organization ACEA today published a report Summary of sales statistics For last year in Europe, but it also looked specifically at December numbers.

Electric vehicle sales rose by 37 percent

There are many interesting details here when you look closely at the numbers.

When we look at 2023 as a whole, we see, among other things:

  • This is a new record for electric cars, as the share of electric cars reached 14.6 percent in new car sales.
  • There is still only a 2.5 percentage point increase in the share of electric vehicles from 2022.
  • The share of electric cars has surpassed that of diesel in new car sales in the European Union, as a whole, for the first time.
  • The increase in car sales in general is 14 percent.
  • On the other hand, electric car sales rose by 37 percent, while fossil car sales increased by 11 percent.
Source: Association

Norway is at the top, and Sweden is leading the way in the European Union

As you can see from the chart above, electric vehicles are now the third most popular engine in new car sales in the EU.

A total of 2,019,401 new electric vehicles were registered for the entire year, representing an increase of 28.2 percent compared to the previous year.

The figures refer to European Union member states, as well as Switzerland, Great Britain, Norway and Iceland.

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Broken down by country, Norway tops the list, followed by Iceland in terms of the share of electric vehicles among all new registrations in 2023.

In third place came Sweden, which also ranked first at the European Union level.

Controlling the Norge Taxi on the front of the new car:

9 out of 10 new taxis purchased last year were electric cars

Germany leads the way in terms of the number of new electric cars sold

We look specifically number New electric cars, Germany comes in first place with approximately 524,219 electric cars, which is equivalent to a quarter of the entire market in the region.

Great Britain ranked second with 314,684 new electric cars, and France ranked third with 298,219 cars.

With 112,208 registrations in 2023, more electric vehicles were sold for the first time in Sweden than Norway.

See the full table of both the share of electric cars and the number of electric cars sold in various European countries at the bottom of the article.

All deposits in Sweden will soon be transferred emission-free:

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December: Iceland overtook Norway

If we look specifically at sales statistics for the Nordic countries in December, we see that Iceland overtook Norway this month, that is, as long as we are talking about the share of electric cars in new car sales.

We also see that the distance between us and our other northern neighbors has continued to shrink:

Source: Association

Denmark is back again, and for the first time it achieved a 50% share of electric cars in the same month.

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If we look again at the number of cars sold, we see another interesting detail:

More electric cars have already been sold in both Sweden and Denmark than in Norway in December.

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EU rules govern the transition to zero emissions

Although this is a new record for the EU, the proportion of electric vehicles increased by only 2.5 percentage points, from 12.1 percent in 2022 to 14.6 percent in 2023.

The introduction of electric vehicles in the European Union is largely subject to EU emissions requirements for new passenger cars. Requirements are determined at the manufacturer level and fines are imposed on car manufacturers that do not meet the requirements. Sveinung Kvalo says the fines make it profitable to sell electric cars until the requirements are met.

KAN EU: – Both 2023 and 2024 are intermediate years in European emissions regulation, so we do not expect any significant change in the proportion of electric cars in 2024 either, says Svenung Kvalu at the Electric Vehicle Association.

Cavallo is a senior advisor in the professional section of the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association, and is well versed in EU policy on climate and electric vehicles.

He points out that the requirements are only updated every five years, and in the years 2020-2024 the requirement was set at 95 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer.

This requirement will be gradually adjusted in two stages (by 15 percent in 2025-2029 and by 55 percent in 2030) – before setting the zero-emission requirement in 2035.

– Both 2023 and 2024 are intermediate years in European emissions regulation, so we do not expect any significant change in the share of electric vehicles in 2024 either. However, national subsidy plans for electric cars, and more competitive cars, may be as well. “Increasing the share of electric vehicles even more,” Cavallo says.

This is how electric car sales were in various European countries in 2023 and 2022:

Electric cars 2023 Electric car share 2023 Electric cars 2022 Share of electric cars 2022
Austria 47,621 19.9% 34165 15.9%
Belgium 93,285 19.6% 37,619 10.3%
Bulgaria 1816 4.8% 828 2.9%
Croatia 1637 2.8% 1,369 3.1%
Cyprus 788 5.3% 365 3.1%
Czech Republic 6700 3.0% 3,944 2.1%
Denmark 62,759 36.3% 30822 20.8%
Estonia 1445 6.3% 687 3.4%
Finland 29,535 33.8% 14,530 17.8%
France 298219 16.8% 202,929 13.3%
Germany 524219 18.4% 470559 17.7%
Greece 6,379 4.7% 2,827 2.7%
Hungary 5,799 5.4% 4,709 4.2%
Ireland 22,789 18.6% 15,678 14.9%
Italy 66,265 4.2% 49,169 3.7%
Latvia 1,692 8.9% 1,073 6.4%
Lithuania 2,060 7.5% 1,350 5.3%
Luxembourg 11,052 22.5% 6,393 15.2%
Malta 1,248 17.3% 984 15.4%
Holland 113,981 30.8% 73,250 23.5%
Poland 17,078 3.6% 11,291 2.7%
Portugal 36,390 18.2% 18,028 11.5%
Romania 15,368 10.6% 11,638 9.0%
Slovakia 2,346 2.7% 1,390 1.8%
Slovenia 4,330 8.9% 2,293 4.9%
Spain 51,612 5.4% 30,521 3.8%
Sweden 112208 38.7% 95,033 33.0%
European Union 1,538,621 14.6% 1,123,444 12.1%
Iceland 8,781 50.1% 5,566 33.4%
Norway 104,587 82.4% 138,254 79.3%
Switzerland 52,728 20.9% 40173 17.8%
European Free Trade Association 166,096 41.9% 183,993 44.1%
Great Britain 314,684 16.5% 267 204 16.6%
European Union + European Free Trade Association + United Kingdom 2,019,401 15.7% 1,574,641 13.9%
Source: Association
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