Price difference, Christmas | -Be careful, now it’s very easy to make a mistake on the shelf

Price difference, Christmas |  -Be careful, now it’s very easy to make a mistake on the shelf

(The newspaper online): Next to each other on the store shelf are two different types of pickles. They don’t look very different, but the difference is huge in terms of price.

  • Nora’s Cup costs 31.90
  • The price of a cup of extra pickles is 3.90

Therefore, Nora glass costs more than eight times more than other glass.

Unnatural differences in prices

– I’m not saying that the chains are planning this, but people should be careful, says blogger Rune “Gjerrigknarken” Nicolaisen for Nettavisen.

According to him, the period leading up to Christmas is the period when you need to be particularly careful, because price differences can be abnormally large.

– Things will never go wrong, you can’t trust chains to be our good friends. You have to take care of yourself,” he says.

He understands well anyone who finds it confusing and difficult to know how much things cost. Grocery chains adjust prices frequently in the run-up to Christmas. Kiwi recently told Nettavisen that one day they adjusted the prices of several hundred items.

– Quick to make bad choices

– If you don’t wear your “glasses,” it’s very easy to make bad choices, says Nicolaisen.

Some shelves were empty, for example, of sauerkraut and pickles when Nettavisen checked them Monday afternoon.

– There is intense competition now before Christmas, and these products have been discounted and given an abnormally low price, says Kiwi communications consultant Nora Helgesen.

-Is there a risk of it becoming completely empty?

“We have ordered a lot of merchandise for Christmas, and we are receiving constant shipments,” says Helgesen.

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Several price cuts in the same shelf

Pickles were reduced to 3.90 last week. And now beetroot prices have been cut too, selling for just over four kroner a cup in Kiwi, Rima and Extra.

Rema 1000 states that the normal price for pickles is 26.60 for beetroot and 21.40. In other words, big price cuts.

Red cabbage is also a product where there are significant price differences. At Rema 1000, the cheapest now costs $6.90 per can, while Nora’s red cabbage costs three times that price. They are both on the same shelf.

– Pay attention now in the run-up to Christmas. Nicolaisen says it’s now easier to pick mistakes off the shelf.

For sauerkraut there are smaller differences. Here, the chains’ own items cost around nine kroner, while Nora’s sauerkraut costs around 12 kroner.

20 cups pickles

– Nikolaisen says rushing to shop is not good for the wallet.

His advice to clients is to use your head.

– Don’t buy just because it’s cheap. Let others buy too. I’ve talked to store managers who tell me about people buying 20 jars of pickles. What will people do with it?

He himself bought two glasses.

“It’s lasting until 2026, so I’ll probably use it before it expires,” Nicolaysen says.

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