Red starts after the best month since 2020

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July was the best month for the Nasdaq tech index on Wall Street since April 2020. However, the first day of trading in August was not positive.

  • heavy industrial Dow JonesThe index fell 0.14 percent to 32,799.18 points.
  • the wide Standard & Poor’s 500– The index fell 0.28 percent on Monday, and now stands at 4,118.63 points.
  • Technology Index Nasdaq It also ended the day 0.18 percent lower at 12,368.98 points.

“We’re seeing a comfortable recovery in the stock market, with pessimism at extreme levels, and with long-term interest rates low again,” said Chris Zaccarelli, CIA’s chief investment officer.

The yield on 10-year government bonds fell by 0.044, while the same figure for 30-year government bonds fell by 0.049.


At closing time on Wall Street burntA sharp drop in oil by 7.24 percent at $99.87 a barrel. At the same time it goes down West Texas IntermediateOil is 5% higher, and a barrel now costs $93.71.

An important factor for lower prices is the disappointing industrial numbers from China, as well as the high shoulders in the market ahead of the OPEC+ meeting on Wednesday.

On the New York Stock Exchange, oil stocks react negatively. ExxonMobil , which last week posted a historically good second quarter, ended the day 2.53 percent lower at $94.48 per share. At the same time, it sank chevron Which also provided numbers last week, fell 2% to $160.56.


Among the winners today is the aircraft manufacturer Boeingwhich ended the day 6.13 percent higher at $169.07. Last week, the company provided quarterly figures, with the company receiving a base result per share of -0.37 dollars in the second quarter of 2022, compared to 0.40 dollars in the same quarter a year earlier, according to a letter from the company on Wednesday. .

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Royal Caribbean Cruise It fell sharply by 7.54 percent to a price of $ 35.79 per share. At the same time, the opponent refused Carnival Company By 1.55 percent to $8.92.

Frederiksen Shipping Company golden ocean group It rose well by 3.5 percent to a price of $11.3 per share. This is despite the fact that the Baltic Dry index fell for the seventh day in a row on Monday.

Energy Drink Manufacturer Celsius Holdings It ended the day strong by 11.14 percent to $98.87 per share. This comes next PepsiCo which finished the day 1.14 percent higher, bought heavily in the company.


After 10:30 p.m., it sinks Bitcoinwhich is the world’s largest cryptocurrency, increased by 1.27 percent at $32,019.8 per coin.

At the same time, other major currencies such as raised And the XRP with 3.26 and 0.93 per cent, respectively.

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