Elderly Care, Electric Car | Electric car should be washed after the problem: – It is unbearable

Elderly Care, Electric Car |  Electric car should be washed after the problem: – It is unbearable

OSLO (Nettavisen): On Tuesday, Nettavisen told about Kjertrud Langset, a home nurse in Oslo, who was upset by electric car problems at work. Many municipal cars have been parked due to the cold, and visits to the elderly have been cancelled.

This is the reaction of the Deputy Mayor and Chair of the Health and Social Services Committee at Oslo City Council, Julian Ofstad (Frp). Now she's calling the board of health under the rug.

– It is not stable. Ofstat tells Netavisen that we should have cars that can withstand winter days.

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Angry Nurse: Cable is frozen solid here

– Worries me

On Thursday afternoon, Health Councilor Saliba Andreas Gorkunck (H) will respond to the electric car issues at a meeting of the Health and Social Welfare Committee.

– I have asked the city council to explain what the municipality is doing to ensure that it has cold-resistant cars. It's also important to find out what consequences this has had for users, so I'm looking for clear answers on what to do in the short and long term, says Ofstad.

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Cheers to the billion dollar purchase – now all the buses are wrecked

When Netavisen met Langset outside the Tåsen health station, he was frustrated by a charging cable stuck in a heavily frozen company car. As a result, she was unable to start the car and was late for her patients.

– Environment, environment, environment. It's fine, she says sadly, but we need cars that can drive.

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Many districts have confirmed that car problems have forced seniors to cancel visits.

– They say they need to find a solution if life and health are at risk, but that is still not enough. It worries me that visits are being cancelled. I am concerned that people are not getting the services they deserve, says the group leader.

In the Nordre Aker district, the home service had to call relatives to look after their loved ones.

– If the next of kin can't, we'll do it anyway. We consider how important the visit is, and help is available to those who need life and health-related assistance, Espen Granson, division manager in the Nordre Acker district, told Netavisen earlier this week.

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Mandatory purchase of an electric car: – Unfair

– Creates frustration

– What do you think is the solution to the recall of petrol and diesel cars?

– We believe that you should at least buy cars that are of sufficient quality and can withstand winter. Then you must have enough charging capacity. Maybe hybrid cars will be considered? In any case, there should be a contingency plan for colder days, Ofstat believes.

He points out that some districts are now forced to hire petrol and diesel cars due to the winter cold.

– We are not against the use of electric cars, but today's cars cannot withstand the cold. “I think it creates a lot of frustration among staff who feel that the identity politics of politicians are overriding the work they have to do in their day-to-day lives,” he says, pointing out:

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– Above all, the FRP is against the condition that municipalities in Oslo and nationally can only buy electric cars. “We believe that national requirements should be removed when the effects we see now are so great,” says Ofstat.

The support center in Oslo has also recently suffered from electric car problems, which will also be the topic of today's meeting.

Board of Health: – Need assistance

Health Councilor Saliba Andreas Gorkunk (H) points out that people in Oslo should be confident that they will receive the health care they need.

– Before the weekend, we contacted all districts to get more information about how the extreme cold and heavy snow in the past weeks affected housing services. The feedback from there is that proper and good services are provided even in winter, Gorkunk tells Netavisen.

– At the same time, they point to challenges in the car fleet, both in terms of charging, range and plowing, and visits may be delayed or delayed. There are many developments here in the districts, we will now evaluate them, he says about the issues.

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Oslo Municipality broke the law when commercial companies were banned from tendering nursing homes

Gorkunk says he is looking forward to explaining the matter.

– I am happy that the chairman of the board cares about good services to users regardless of the weather, and I care about that too. I look forward to reporting to the Health and Social Welfare Committee, he said.

Meanwhile, after yesterday's heavy snow, the city council brags about the housekeeping staff:

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– Such a large amount of snowfall in a short period of time is a challenge and a challenge to the home service for those who work there and for users who rely on assistance in their daily lives. I want to be proud of the staff in the districts who are diligent and show great flexibility to get the job done.

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