Farm Celebrities, Ann Kate Herland | Few participants in “Farmen kendis”: this is what TV 2 should do now

Farm Celebrities, Ann Kate Herland |  Few participants in “Farmen kendis”: this is what TV 2 should do now

The struggle for survival has begun in earnest on Li's farm, and this week's “Farmen Kjindis” is proving to be quite a challenge for many involved. Two of the participants ended up having to withdraw from the farm adventure.

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If one of the participants also failed in the duel on Sunday, in theory there would be three participants missing on the farm, which created logistical problems for TV 2 already in the second week of “Farmen kjendis”.

In front of Nettavisen, the channel explains how to solve the problem.

Dropping like flies

After much dissatisfaction, Anne chose Cat. Herland (51) withdraws from the program.

She left the farm angrily after accusing the production of exploiting her visual disability for the benefit of making entertainment television programs, and that the production did not intervene when she needed help.

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Shortly after, another participant followed. Former skateboarder Daniel Frank (49 years old) quickly got tired of the struggle for survival and decided to give up.

– I've been thinking about it for a few days. I'm so happy, I know now. And that's really it. I'm so grateful, and I feel like I've been through more than I expected. And now it's gotten to the point where I think it's totally fine to go home, he says in Wednesday's episode.

Nettavisen tried to contact Daniel Frank. He has not yet responded to Nettavisen's inquiries.

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Although the number of participants in “Farmen kjendis” has suddenly decreased, a duel is still planned for Sunday's episode as Christian Brynhovd (25 years old) is once again chosen as the first champion.

This means a total of three participants will leave the farm in less than one week. But TV 2 has a solution in store.

This continues

The farm adventure began just under two weeks ago with a diverse group of twelve well-known characters, but in that short time this year's season has dropped by two participants.

Jan Peter Dahl, press director at TV 2, told Nettavisen that the production takes into account that some participants will withdraw from the program at one time or another. He emphasizes that this fact will not affect the duels.

– The possibility of things happening and the participants’ desire to withdraw were taken into account. Duels are carried out regardless of the number of participants.

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According to the press director, this will not have a major impact on the season before the start of finals week:

– This will not have consequences until the finals week, as fewer participants will return home during the first competitions.

At the same time as Herland and Frank bowed out of the show this week, this year's “Farm Celebrity” competitors entered the farm. Something that also helps the participants' balance.

– I can't pay attention

Participant Bahari Viken (30) told Nettavisen that she realized relatively early in the season that it would not be taken into account if participants wanted to go home, and that it would not necessarily bring any benefits.

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– Usually the arrangement is made so that their number does not matter, and it has never happened before that someone returned at the expense of someone who withdrew, Viken tells Netavisin and adds:

– If I take it into account in one week, all the next weeks will follow, and since it is a long recording period, I understand that the production cannot take it into account every time.

Although Viken supports the production's decision not to make any additional considerations, for example, by bringing in more participants, she was excited about how they would solve the problem through a duel.

She has a clear theory about why duels continue as usual:

-I was thinking that Egil might be able to come back, or that the duel had been dropped. But at the same time, you lose a lot of excitement and good TV.

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However, this is not the first time that a TV 2 production has suffered from a shortage of participants. On last year's season of “Shall We Dance,” two contestants left the show on the same night.

Early in the season, Fritz Annis (45) had to withdraw due to injury and Trud Fassstrand (58) lost the dance duel. This means that there are very few dancing couples in the competition, and it will take four weeks before TV 2 finds a solution to the problem.

However, the issue of imbalance with Shall We Dance participants has been resolved with all remaining dancing pairs guaranteed a place on one of Saturday's broadcasts.

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In previous seasons, where contestants had to withdraw from the competition, the remaining contestants automatically advanced to the next round with the points they earned from the broadcast.

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