That’s how it went with Lotta

That’s how it went with Lotta

Astrid Lindgren is undoubtedly one of the greatest and most influential children’s book authors of all time.

Her books have generated controversy and outrage since their debut in 1944. Lindgren has been banned, censored, and banned, but at the same time she has been loved by millions of children around the world.

Among the films and characters many hold their hearts close to is the charming five-year-old Lotta in Bråkmakergatan.

Children’s champion: Geir Børresen became famous from a number of children’s programs in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. Video: Dagbladet TV. Program Director: Håvard TL Knutsen.
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With her defiantness and childish charm, she took all of Scandinavia by storm, and many still have a nostalgic relationship with Lotta.

In the role of Lotta, we next find six-year-old Grete Hafensköld (36), who at the time was referred to as “Discovery”.

Lotta’s films are based on two books about Lotta: “The Children on Bråkmakargatan” from 1958 and “Lotta on Bråkmakergatan” from 1961.

Both books tell of Lotta and her intense temper, and how this affects her entire family. She is very hot-tempered and stubborn. Of course, it’s these exaggerated qualities that make the books and movies interesting.

abnormal: Princess Madeleine and her family have returned to Sweden, showing a rare side to the Swedish Christmas tree tradition. Video: Swedish News Agency
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Gone from the spotlight

Astrid Lindgren premiered in 1992 and quickly became a huge hit – but after its success, the little girl completely disappeared from the spotlight. What really happened to the young actor?

Hafnisköld, who played the iconic character, still holds Lotta close to her heart.

– I feel proud and grateful. I’ve been involved in many funny things because of my role as Lotta, telling the show “Mauri – vad hände sen?”

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Grete Hafniskoold has opted out of a life in the spotlight following her iconic role as Lotta. Now a mother of three, she has settled down on an idyllic farmhouse with horses and other animals – a life very different from the celebrity lifestyle.

Big star out

Although she speaks fondly of her time playing Lotta, she’s glad she pulled out of the celebrity life, since she didn’t enjoy all the attention that came with her role in the beloved film.

Blame live:Princess Madeleine was visiting her native Sweden. During an interview at the opening, things go a little wrong for the princess. Video: Bill T. Nelson.

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Not only did Lotta become a Scandinavian star – she was also a smash hit in Japan.

– When I traveled there, no, ah. They filmed every move you made. This whole week was weird. It was like being a celebrity, she told TV4 and continued:

– I never liked this kind of attention. It was a good experience as a teenager; This is what it’s like to be a celebrity. I didn’t want to be – a choice I’m still happy about.

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