Anne Lindemo, NRK | Farewell Lindemou: I'm really worried

Anne Lindemo, NRK |  Farewell Lindemou: I'm really worried

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It's almost impossible to think of Anne Lindmo without imagining high heels in countless colors and shapes. I think I dare say it has become her signature.

But the shoes are just the icing on the cake: Lindmo showed us countless sides of herself, and showed us countless sides of the many guests who stopped by.

It did the trick

For years, Anne Lindemo has mastered the art of getting people to talk about both the big and the small, of revelation and surprise, of crying and screaming, of reflection and expression – and of anything else you can get a person to share, say and do.

Lindmo has a completely unique ability to let guests talk without taking up too much space himself – without interrupting or getting too busy. She makes every conversation feel natural and relaxed – I think she made the guests feel comfortable and safe.

Week after week, Lindmo had conversations that we – in the corner of the sofa – wanted to be a part of. It may also have led to our private conversations with loved ones, or to taco Friday or embracing the weekend.

But now it's over. Now we are not allowed to participate in any further conversations with Lindmo.

After 12 years, the Queen is leaving us, and it's as if she's closing the talk show door forever.

One by one they pack their bags

There were many more in line before her. Only in NRK did we say goodbye to “Grosvold”, “Skavlan” and “Kåss til kvelds”.

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TV 2 and other channels also had their own talk shows, but they came and went.

If you add goodwill, NRK may have one last talk show: Eides Språksjov – but it is not a program that gathers the family in the corner of the sofa for the weekend, it is enough for those who are particularly interested.

There's also the latest talk show queen who hasn't given up yet: Else Kåss Furuseth. TV Norge offers us, so far, “another”.

I very much hope I'm wrong, but unfortunately I think it's time wasted. I don't think Else Kåss Furuseth will be allowed to continue much longer as the queen of talk shows, even if she should.

Maria Ludvigsen

Maria Ludvigsen is SoMe director and entertainment commentator at Nettavisen. She has previously distinguished herself as a commentator on Shall We Dance, and loves to have something to say about everything that creeps up and down in Norwegian and international entertainment.

Really concerned

So what are we really going to do when all the talk shows are gone? And not just talk shows, but plenty of other weekend entertainment (we'll have to get by without “Shall We Dance” this fall, for example).

This is clearly a flame of fire. There will be comments that the concept of talk shows is “outdated”, that young people don't watch linear TV shows – and that those of us who do, are old.

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But I reserve the right to think that it is sad. To know that I will miss him.

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I also feel uneasy about who will take over. I'm afraid I'll soon be part of the “everything was better before” crowd – because I'm really worried about weekend entertainment, the TV shows that bring the family or group of friends together, and the shows we watch together.

What will TV 2 be broadcasting on Saturday evenings when they now cut “Shall We Dance”? What should NRK broadcast instead of “Lindmo” on Fridays? Will “Nytt på Nytt” disappear? “Beat for Beat” is sung in the last verse, right?

I looked at the fortune-telling ball and saw the whole family sitting there, each of them having their own phone. Everyone watches each other's TikTok streams instead of tuning in to a syndicated TV show that you can discuss, love, hate, and laugh about: together.

Horror and terror…

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