Several are suing Travis Scott and the organizers after the disaster show

Several are suing Travis Scott and the organizers after the disaster show

When panic and chaos erupted during rapper Travis Scott’s Friday night American time party, it led to a violent crowd that killed eight people.

Hundreds were injured and treated. Many of them are still in the hospital. All eight victims were young men, the youngest being 14 years old.

Many media outlets are now criticizing Travis Scott, the organizers and the Live Nation party promoter, because the event doesn’t end earlier. Los Angeles Times Scott is also criticized for his repetitive behavior, and for the artist who had the violent appeal in Look Mom I Can I Fly. Several members of the public also filed a lawsuit.


According to the site TMZMany chose to sue Scott, Live Nation and artist Drake for negligence. Many believe Travis Scott’s party date should have been defeated earlier, and criticize the lack of planning before the Astroworld Festival goes off the rails again.

In one lawsuit, 23-year-old Christian Paredes, the plaintiff who was seriously injured at the Houston concert on November 5, wrote that he felt a sudden boost when Scott went on stage.

Several security guards hired by Live Nation Entertainment begged for help, but it was ignored, the lawsuit says.

Law firm Thomas J. Henry Law confirmed Sunday night that this is one of the first lawsuits after the tragedy at the Astroworld Festival.

– He continued to perform even when the crowd got out of hand and the chaos continued, as stated in the suit.

Attorney Ben Crump also filed a lawsuit on Sunday, on behalf of one of the 21-year-old attendees. Also in this suit there are descriptions of chaos and despondency.

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according to painting, one of the lawsuits contains strong criticism of Scott. The person in question believes that the disaster was a direct result of a “profit motive at the expense of the health and safety of the party-goers”.

The police launched an investigation.

Look mom I can fly

In the Netflix documentary, Look Mom I Can I Fly from 2019, you can see that Scott’s party behavior is a recurring theme, the paper writes. Los Angeles Times. The newspaper believes that the artist has a tendency to encourage chaos during concerts, and that this has led to several disturbing situations in the past, long before Friday’s Astroworld disaster that killed eight people.

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner at the premiere of the Netflix documentary, Look Mom I Can Fly in August 2019. Photo: Mario Anzuoni/REUTERS

The documentary provides insight into many of Scott’s concerts – one of the most serious was from May 2017. After the concert, Scott faced three counts of calling for a riot, committing disorderly conduct, and endangering the safety of a minor. During the ceremony, the artist encouraged many of the audience to bypass the security guards to go up with him on stage.

Scott pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and had to pay more than $6,000 to two people injured during the concert.

– I just hate being arrested, man. Scott said in the documentary after his release from prison that he was “whit up.”


According to the newspaper, Scott’s knack for thrilling audiences has been part of his appeal for a long time.

The artist also pleaded guilty in 2015 after performing at the Lollapalooza Festival. Also this time, the artist persuaded people from the audience to climb the fences to go on stage.

“Everyone in a green shirt, move!” said Scott. They referred to the festival security staff.

– Added middle finger on the guards.

In April 2017, Travis Scott was sued after a concert in New York. The person who sued Scott claims that the artist had to encourage another participant to jump off the balcony during the concert. The person eventually jumped after the artist pointed at him.

– I see you, but will you do it? Do not be afraid, do not be afraid! The artist must have yelled at the person who jumped. It is also said that Scott assured him that the audience standing under the balcony would receive him.

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