Tom Hanks refused to fire millions

Tom Hanks refused to fire millions

Then award-winning actor Tom Hanks (65) The guest of the talk show “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Tuesday evening of this week was able to reveal that he recently declined an invitation from the billionaire. Jeff Bezos (57).

Reports among others the people.

The latter, among other things, has earned a fortune since he founded the world-famous IT company Amazon. In September last year, it also became known that it was Bezos who created the American romtransportselskapet «Blue Origin».

space: Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man, completed his first flight into space on Tuesday afternoon. Video: AP / Dagbladet TV
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In the interview, it appears that Bezos has offered the Oscar winner to join a flight into space.

Hanks also reveals that he would have jumped in the queue, if travel had become a good fit for him. Even before the Canadian actor William Shatner (90), which was also supposed to set off on the great journey.

On the other hand, the 65-year-old asserts that there is nothing he can get for free. He would have had to spend millions of dollars if he was to join.

– You know it costs 28 million dollars (239 million NOK), or something like that. I’m fine, Jimmy, I’m fine. But he admits I don’t pay that much money for the trip.

Hanks was clearly relieved that he chose to stay on the ground.

the weight: Here, weightless Jeff Bezos with his three traveling companions. Video: Blue Origin REPORTER: Vegard Krüger
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short minutes

The trip, which takes no more than twelve minutes, did not seem worth it in Hank’s eyes.

During the interview, he joked that they could easily and simply imitate escaping from a room in the studio instead of burning several million.

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Well, we can all do it in our seats here. You don’t need millions to do this, he told the audience, as he pretended to jump in his seat like a spaceship.

– If the trip was free, I probably would, just to experience the pleasure of pretending to be a billionaire, he continues.

Representatives for Bezos Blue Origin did not respond to people’s request for comment on Hank’s invitation.

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