Alexander Aamodt Kilde lost motivation and became exhausted before the Wengen accident

Alexander Aamodt Kilde lost motivation and became exhausted before the Wengen accident

Alexander Aamodt Kjeld (31 years old) is now determined and excited to go back after a long rollercoaster ride.

-I was a little unmotivated even before I tried. I realized it wasn't fun anymore, the newly engaged Kilde tells VG.

– Why?

-It's burned out, I think. There has been a lot going on in the past year – both at the sporting and political level in the skating federation. “I joined the team, but I really needed a break,” Kildee explains.

On January 13, Speed ​​Ghost fell badly in Wengen and his career was threatened. The leg was severely severed and the shoulder destroyed.

– Then I had a break, but maybe it wasn't optimal. I can choose a different kind of break…” he adds dryly.

Kildee and the Alpine Climbers have been in a nearly two-year struggle over market rights with the Ski Association.

– It was a very difficult period. We should focus on training, eating and sleeping. That's why we get results. When you get something over your head and that is your employer, it becomes very difficult and you feel like it is difficult to deal with.

Kildee did not feel heard, but now he believes he sees a change in the association's leadership. That's why he turned around and agreed to sit on a committee that will look into what the agreement between the skating federation and the athletes is.

– Now the trust has been built again a little. I have a feeling that management's attitudes – Arne Bowman And Tov mo dirhog – He has changed, says Keld.

Meanwhile, Kildee has regained his enthusiasm in training. He can run and is starting to get to know his body. He is determined to return next winter.

-I see progress and opportunity. Motivation has changed, says Kildee during a VG training session.

That has not been the case in the past 12 weeks.

-The fear of never being able to return kept me from doing so. You put things into perspective. It's been a rollercoaster like no other, says Kild.

– Motivation has been very low for a long time. It was helpful.

– How does it feel to have what you used to do taken away from you in an instant?

-It pretty much puts you on the torture bench. You are being robbed because of what you do for a living. I have always lived outside my body. At that moment it just washes off. It takes away your joy, your job, and everything you've worked for.

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He looks very different than he did earlier this winter when he wasn't sure of his way back.

– There is a big difference mentally. I am fully aware that I was so low and weak. Then there will be grim interviews. That's the truth, life goes up and down. But things are moving now, and it's good to know.

He hopes to learn from the period in which he was exposed to fatigue and injury.

-Maybe I was looking for diversity and should be better at thinking about that over the next few years. There's a lot that happens the same way, so it's important that what you can do is different. it's up to me.

It's easy to see during the training session featuring VG that Kilde is eager to get back.

-I miss her because this life is so fat. I miss being on trips with the guys. It's boring to be at home all the time.

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