Liz Maland, Melis | Honest: Liz “Miles” Mayland (33)

Liz Maland, Melis |  Honest: Liz “Miles” Mayland (33)

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Lise Maland, who goes by the stage name “Melis”, has appeared on NRK’s ​​”Stjernekamp” program in recent weeks. She first achieved great success in 2009 when she participated in the movie “X-Factor”, and since then she has performed roles as a singer and actress in animated films and was a singer for the artist Gabrielle.

Please, you are here:

name: Liz Maland, also known as Melis
age: 33
marital status: bachelor
What’s your name in SoMe? @melis_musiq / @melis_music
Senior: (Breidablik in Sandefjord).
Live now: (Tonsenhagen in Oslo).
Workplace: Currently independent, so a bit all over the place. I enjoy it very much
How to navigate in daily life: The number 31 bus runs right outside my house and is my personal driver at all times of the day

What’s keeping you busy now?
-I worry (at least I try) about the amount of time I spend on my mobile phone. Really worried about how lethargic it would make me feel.

What is your most controversial position?
-I think parents/adults should not be allowed to swipe on mobile phone when children are near them and ask for contact in the form of conversation or looks. The mobile phone is supposed to give an electric shock or something, which means you have to get rid of the mobile phone.

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What are you proud of having achieved over the past year?
-I’m very proud of the debut album I released last year, “I’m Still Writing Songs About You.” This will open the door to several major collaborations, including with world-famous producing duo Stargate who I worked with in Los Angeles in February of this year. There I wrote probably some of the best songs I’ve ever written. Two of them will be on the next record in 2024.

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Introvert or extrovert? A little of both. Maybe leaning more towards introversion
Right from the beginning or a cloud of conflict? I think I’m more afraid of confrontations than conflicts. So I keep my mouth shut more than I should, so it’s called shy conflict, right? Yes fine. In me, I’m straight from the liver then
Was it carefully planned or just dealt with as it came? both of them. Very fond of making plans. But I also feel like I’m pretty good at dealing with things as they come
Save or splurge? both of them!
“Dax18” or “The Farm”? I enjoy “Dax18” when I’m cooking dinner. And maybe I’ll enjoy “The Farm” a little more
Board games or PlayStation? Board games. Hello, best in the world. I played board games with myself when I was little. It probably says more about me as a kid than it does about board games. Regards, I’m an introvert and always have been

When was the last time you cried and why?
-I felt so sorry for myself last Sunday when I woke up alone in my big bed and there was no one to chat to the night before when I ended up in the bottom three. But then it worked out, I got myself together, and went to the mountains with a friend.

What’s the bravest thing you’ve done?
-I quit my day job a little over a year ago and am focusing 100% on music. Breakfast seemed like an impossible task, but when I finished it, I felt that it was ironically the easiest thing I had ever done!

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What is the most dramatic thing you have experienced?
– Knock on the table. I’ve never experienced anything so exciting, and I’m glad I did. I can only hope that this continues, and that everyone I love stays healthy and speedy.

And… when was the last time you lost your mind?
– I do not remember.

What is the thing you regret most in life?
– There is no use in regret. What happened has happened. What do you want to do differently? It already happened.

What’s the worst rumor you’ve ever heard about yourself?
-I don’t really follow rumors about myself.

What is the nicest thing someone has ever said to you?
– That my music and singing help them get over a breakup and make them see life in a brighter light.

Who would you cancel and why?
-I don’t like cancel culture. It makes us humans look so stupid when you zoom out a bit. If only everyone took care of themselves. sigh.

Who/what would you like to pay tribute to and why?
– Honoring Beyoncé because she saves us from evil.

What makes you angry?
– Adults who do not say hello respond to children who do. And if you think Beyoncé is overrated.

If you had $500,000 to invest, how would you invest?
– Making a record with Mark Ronson or Rick Rubin.

What is the best or worst gift you have received or given?
– I am good at giving gifts, especially home-made cards. Sometimes it takes off completely. You’re lucky if you know me.

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Give us some quick recommendations!

– I just finished reading Nina Lykke’s book We’re Not Here to Have Fun and it’s incredibly good, quite simply. I feel like I think just like her, which is fun. I love dark humor.

– “A Day and a Half” by Fares Fares. The film’s events revolve around an armed man, desperate to reunite with his daughter, so he breaks into the medical center where his ex-wife works and kidnaps her. A very intense film, but one that makes you sit on edge almost the entire time. Very very touching.

– Listening to many different things. But in the period of Jhene Aiko and Lizzy McAlpine. Then there’s always Beyoncé, for all moods and all times of day. Singing and listening to “Cuff It – Wetter Remix” at the time of writing.

– Instagram. Love hate.

So Me Account:
– Maddie Grace Gibson on TikTok. hysterical.

Food and drink:
-Good negroni in the cup and homemade meatballs in brown sauce. Not necessarily together.

holiday destination:
– After Sternekamp, ​​the goal is a trip to Thailand with my manager Tore Grimstad. New York is also on the agenda.

What are you most looking forward to now?
-I can’t wait to release a Christmas song that won’t be long after! He wrote it with Slå På Ring legends Erlend and Steinjo. It’s called “Still Single” and it’s about being single at Christmas. I promise, no “jinx” but it will work.

And frankly:

Pineapple on pizza? Yay or nay?
– Yay.

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