Reputation expert Kjell Terje Ringdahl says it would be interesting for couple Erna Solberg and Cinder Venis to meet in public.

Reputation expert Kjell Terje Ringdahl says it would be interesting for couple Erna Solberg and Cinder Venis to meet in public.

Reputation expert Kjell Terje Ringdahl says it would be interesting for couple Erna Solberg and Cinder Venis to meet in public.


– This has become an industrial process, as Fiennes goes from getting advice from the Conservative Party, to having to seek advice from a law firm and a PR agency. The couple is actually at war with each other in public space. It’s hot at best, says senior lecturer Kjell-Terry Ringdahl in the Department of Communications at Christiania University College.

Articulated Bus: Ringdahl says Phineas was run over by a long articulated bus.

Venis’s lawyer recommended an investigation into Økocrim

He points out that Finnis now has his own self-proclaimed advisers relaying a message on Finnis’s behalf, which could – if they are right – result in Solberg having to step down as Conservative leader:

– In my view, it would be beneficial for Venice if Okokrem opened an investigation into the case. I am confident that the outcome of such an investigation will show that this is a political matter and not a legal matter,” lawyer Thomas Skillbird told E24 on Wednesday morning, who will advise Finnis moving forward.

FINNES DEFENDER: Attorney Thomas Skillbeard represents Sindre Finnes.  - There is nothing in this case, as far as I know, that indicates the existence of inside information or other irregularities related to these stock transactions, he told TV2 on Wednesday morning.

I got help

Høyre had previously brokered contact with Sindre Finnes. But they did not do so in recent days and referred to it directly.

In this case, Finnis has his own advisors: his star lawyer friend John Christian Elden, who is appointed lawyer and former Okokrim leader, Thomas Skilbard, to assist him.

Venice has a plus Received public relations assistance; Via PR and Communications Consultant Geir Haakonsund.

Ringdahl says it’s no coincidence that Finnis had help defending himself against his wife’s statements.

– He was not only run over by a bus, but by a long articulated bus. It seems that it was very important for Solberg and Heuer to paint a very negative picture of what her husband did, in his defense of political survival. Ringdahl says it happens with the man she shares a bed with.

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– Slow or sloppy

Ringdahl is a researcher and lecturer in rhetoric and mass communication, where he analyzes how issues affect the reputations of public actors – and people’s evaluations of the issues and people involved.

He says they can be broadly classified as follows:

-You are either boring or cunning. This applies to several previous cases, including those involving Hoitfeldt and the man’s placements. It seems that we can live with boring people, but we cannot live with sneaky people. It may seem as if Venis was sneaky, not all the time, but he would probably be pushed into the sneaky category.

– But Erna has not yet been classified as such. He adds that she was somewhat lethargic – naive and overworked.

He says it was also portrayed as if she had a choice.

– Power or man: Does she want power or does she want to keep her husband?

– The Conservative Party and the Labor Party

Ringdahl says that what we are witnessing now is one of the biggest crises in Norwegian politics.

– It is one of the biggest political crises in Norwegian history that we are seeing unfold, on par with the Kings Bay Crisis. We’re not just talking about the leading politician and Prime Minister of the country for eight years or party, we’re also talking about matters that affect the relationship and position of power between the Conservative Party and the Labor Party.

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The Kings Bay he is referring to was a tragic mining accident on Svalbard in 1962, in which 21 people died. This led to a parliamentary crisis, as Prime Minister Einar Gerhardsen was forced to resign.

He says the Huitfeldt case affects the process and assessments in the Ap av Solberg crisis.

– Casts shadows

– You might think in August that if they hope to win the election in 2025, only Jonas can take on Erna Solberg. If she withdraws and does not become Hoyer’s prime ministerial candidate, it could affect assessments of who Labor should face in two years’ time. Therefore, the crisis in Heuer casts a long shadow over the competitor.

Feeney’s attorney, Thomas Skillbeard, wrote in an email to VG Wednesday afternoon that Feeney would not comment in the future.

“I ask that you understand that the human burden is too great. For the foreseeable future, Vince will not be answering any further questions or giving any interviews, and asks that his privacy be respected.”

Near Finnes: Skjelbred says that depending on the conditions, Sindre Finnes is doing well.

-Everyone needs a friend

He explained to TV2 on Wednesday:

– Depending on the circumstances, he is fine, but it is clear that this is a huge personal burden.

In an email to VG late Wednesday afternoon, Skjelbred wrote that he had no comment on the article. Skjelbred confirms that it is he who represents Sindre Finnes as counsel in this case.

-John Christian Elden is in this context Finney’s friend, and everyone needs a friend, he writes.

– A basic point

Høyre’s press director, Cato Husabø Fossen, answers on behalf of Erna Solberg.

– It is unfortunate that an important point in this case is that Cinder Venis did not tell the truth and, as Erna said in the press conference, took active measures to hide what he intended to do. It was impossible for Hoyer and Erna to communicate anything about this matter without addressing what actually happened.

Defends the Boss: Hosabo (Solberg's successor) defends his boss's use of words.

– Crystal clear

He points out that we submitted it yesterday Timetable.

There, Erna shows unusually great openness regarding internal party and almost marital processes. Many commenters referred to the timeline as being too honest. Erna herself said it was painful to be as harsh on Sindre as she had to be in this case, but she considered the seriousness of the case to make it necessary.

He adds:

– At the same time, it is quite clear that she is the one responsible for evaluating her own competence. She also said this in relation to the press conference last Friday.


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