Christian Fandango Sundgren on his role in “Ordinary Family”: – I felt really bad

Christian Fandango Sundgren on his role in “Ordinary Family”: – I felt really bad

TV favorite Christian Fandango Sundgren, 31, wishes he had prepared more before his role as Chris in the Netflix series “Ordinary Family.”

The Swedish thriller currently holds the top spot on Netflix’s list of most-watched non-English language series.

Spoiler: This article reveals parts of the plot.

Sundgren plays Chris, one of the main roles in “Ordinary Family.”

He adds: – The challenge I faced was that I wanted to try to make him as human as possible Express.

He adds: – And when we talk about challenges, it was difficult to record some scenes.

Sundgren describes the character as follows:

– He’s not a nice guy. He’s a terrible, terrible human being.

Colleagues: Alexandra Carlsson Terrifors and Christian Fandango Sundgren play a married couple in

The Swede explains that he has a bit of hindsight.

– In retrospect, I can feel that perhaps I should have participated in this series with slightly different preparations, and in a different way. But maybe it’s just a matter of experience, says the 31-year-old.

Sundgren is also known from the new series “Hendelser ved vann”, “Ondskapen” and “Barracuda Queens”. There he also plays questionable characters.

However, feedback from TV viewers is mostly only positive.

– I was a little worried beforehand that people would hate me, because I play the roles that I play. But this did not happen, says the actor.

TV-STAB: Björn Bengtsson, Lou Cowpe, Alexandra Carlsson Tyfors and Christian Fandango Sundgren play central roles in the series

Sundgren hopes to get the chance to play in international productions and explains why Express He is “on his agents” and says he wants to do things in English.

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-I wish I could show another side of myself.

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