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Attention: Fanny (Maria Austgulen) needs transportation options other than stairs after she ends up in a wheelchair.

A sparkling comedy of a very dark everyday tragedy.


Norwegian drama comedy in six parts
With: Maria Osgolin, Marie Haug-Inbow, Isabel Brathen and others.
Series author: Tina Rigg
Director: Siri Seljith
Premiere on Viaplay on Sunday, August 21

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Fanny (Maria Osgolin) becomes a wheelchair user after a traffic accident that kills her best friend, Kurt. During a transitional period, she moved in with her newly estranged twin sister Pham (Mary Haug Inbow). Jill (Isabelle Brathen), who is pregnant with Kurt’s baby, also gets into this chaotic everyday life.

Fanny prefers to drink too much and does not respond sweetly to empty optimistic statements about the future from her wheelchair. At the same time, it is somewhat unclear what actually happened when the nerve fibers in the back were torn.

Tina Rigg (Among others “Sigurd fåkke pult”And the “Basic bitch” And the “Dear countrymen,) His beginnings as a serial creator without exaggerating his exaggerations.

Here, the humor boils down to the darkest tragedy without being constructed as borderline or satirical. “Nede” has a difficult realistic orientation, and disappointing future prospects and tendencies Kaurismäki. At the same time, it takes so many cardiological biases that it is difficult to calculate.

Attention: Jill (Isabelle Brathen) brings Fanny (Maria Osgolin) to yoga for the survivors. Did not help.

Dazzlingly darkly hilarious, with ambitious comedy from several dark places at the same time. Simplify the polishing process “whore”, “Promising Youth” and “The Art of Negative Thinking” by Brian Bard (2006). But here also follows Viaplay’s good penchant for discovering innovative humor with drama Depth of “Ida Takes Responsibility” (2022).

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With the slight exception of the role of Fam and Fanny’s mother (Janne Kokkin), “Nede” is close enough to people who go through quirky situations to make it seem real. The need for facade and Fanny’s utter aversion to these six episodes make them something very different from the potentially hopeless handicap jokes that would have ended her.

Sometimes lean towards Mad “fight for life” And the laziness of luxury. On the other hand, really silly and shocking tendencies are not pursued enough. without actually doing much.

A large number of actors were associated with the Trondelag Theater at the same time. It seems to make the reaction more sparkly naturally.

ATTENTION: Sisters Fanny (Maria Osgolin) and Pham (Marie Haug-Inbow) face everyday life in their own way in Nede.

Maria Osgolin in particular stands out as a new star. Her admirable talent for laconic comedy and a relaxed bitch facing exasperation makes the almost 32-year-old for Believable in the role of Fanny.

Siri Seljeseth (“Young Promise”) Focused oriented, often sharing the view from the wheelchair. Together with photographer Harvard Berkgeland, Fanny’s perspective is used directly and unemotionally. Daily wheelchair challenges are only insightfully highlighted with the help of the camera.

The use of impeccable and timely music, old norwegian pop in time. Tobben & Eros’ “Kjersti” became a highlight at the end. Dizzy Tunes and Grethe Kausland’s “Jeg har det bra” take on an entirely different dimension.

As you know, comedy is a tragedy plus time. And here the tragedy was not allowed to mediate. This is where the darkness of laughter comes in at its best.

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