Norman Jewison – star director Matt

Norman Jewison – star director Matt

The Canadian-born Jewison has worked with many major Hollywood stars, including Steve McQueen, Denzel Washington, Sidney Poitier and Cher.

He has dabbled in many genres over his long career, including musicals, comedies, and romances, but is best known for films that address social issues.

-Do not send a boat to Murmansk

He was first nominated for an Academy Award in 1966 for the comedy The Russians Are Coming.

But he is best known for the 1967 film “In the Heat of the Night,” about a racist Southern sheriff, played by Rod Steiger, who must enlist the help of a black detective, played by Sidney Poitier, and the 1987 film “Moonstruck,” with Cher and Olympia Dukakis.

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“In the Heat of the Night” won the Academy Award for Best Picture, and Cher and Dukakis also won Oscars for their roles in Moonstruck.

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