February 1, 2023


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Two Norwegians on the Czech Republic's contribution to Eurovision - VG

Two Norwegians on the Czech Republic’s contribution to Eurovision – VG

Winners: Norway’s Kasper Hattlestad (left) and Benjamin Rikstad (right) in the “We Domis” singer Dominika Hasek booth.

The lockdown in the UK sent them to Prague. We Are Domi is now representing the Czech Republic in the semi-finals of Eurovision in Turin, with Norwegian musicians in the band.


We Norwegians didn’t understand anything when the winner was to be chosen. Everything went in czech. But then there was an official video from Eurovision in English where among other things, TIX gave us 12 points. We won jury and international votes and ranked fourth among Czech voices, says Stavanger guitarist Kasper Hätlistad (27) by phone from Prague night to Friday.

Along with keyboardist Benjamin Reykstad (26) from Nesauden and Czech Dominika Hasek (26) on vocals, they were told Thursday night that they had won the Czech Melody Grand Prix and would therefore represent the Czech Republic in the semi-finals of Eurovision in Turin in May.

Thus, champagne can bounce back at Casper’s house in Prague, as bars close at 10pm in the Czech Republic due to the virus.

BUEGITAR: Hatlistad’s drive.

From England to the Czech Republic

The three met in Leeds, England, where they studied music. But in August 2020, they moved east to the Czech Republic, due to virus restrictions in the UK.

During a concert with the former representative of the Czech Republic for Eurovision, they were asked to make a contribution to the competition.

“We Domy” performed three songs, and eventually the song “Lights Off” became their contribution.

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On December 6, the competition began to become the choice of the Czech Republic for Eurovision:

– We noticed in the YouTube views and comments that we were among the candidates, but in the past two days we thought we would not win, says Benjamin Rekstad.

With 97,000 views on Youtube They were among the two contributions that got the most views, they say.

– She came in fourth place among the Czech votes – How will you convince the Czechs that your contribution is the correct one?

– I thought we would rise, but this did not happen. Fortunately, we won the other votes.

How will We Are Domi be shown in Turin next year?

We have many ideas, but we want to be original and play with magic as three good friends, says singer Dominica Hasek.

– If you ask us tomorrow, we have another answer to this. Friday night, we’ll celebrate first, said keyboardist Benjamin Rechstad.

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Greece also chose Norway

Many countries do like the Czech Republic and send Norwegian artists: Greece goes Amanda Teneford from Sunnmøre, with a father from Greece.

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