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Ukraina hevder den russiske krysseren Moskva ble truffet av ukrainske missiler. Russland har bekreftet at det var en kraftig brann om bord og at ammunisjon har eksplodert, men sier årsaken til at det begynte å brenne er ukjent.

– He called me and cried when he told me what happened.

The mother of one of the enlisted Navy guests on the Russian warship told the newspaper Novaya Gazeta Europe What happened when the warship was hit?

FLAGSHIP: On April 15, Russian authorities confirmed that the ship had a sock in the Black Sea.

Photo: AP

Avisa wrote that they had proof of the phone conversation the son had with his mother. The son called his mother on April 15, the day after wearing the battleship. For security reasons, both are anonymous.

They also have a photo sent by the district and the newspaper writes that they therefore consider the date reliable. At the same time, they wrote that they could not confirm that he was aboard Moscow when the explosion occurred.

– It is clear that not everyone survived, she tells the newspaper.

Russia has introduced strict laws prohibiting Russian media from referring to the war in Ukraine as a war.

And the Russian authorities remained silent after announcing news of the ship. The interview with the mother contained the first possible description of someone who should have been on the plane.

Claimed to have killed about 40 soldiers

On April 15, the Russian authorities confirmed the presence of the ship’s sock in the Black Sea, having previously rejected Ukrainian allegations about it.

Ukrainian authorities said the ship was hit by two Ukrainian missiles. Russia says the ship sank as a result of an explosion on board.

According to the US Department of Defense, the ship was 60 to 65 nautical miles south of the Ukrainian city of Odessa when it was bombed.

The guest of the Russian Navy is said to have told that the warship was hit from land and that they tried to put out the fire on board.

Mora told the newspaper he did not want to tell us in detail what he went through, but said that several people were missing and many more were injured.

– Many of them had their limbs cut off, the mother claims and says the district should have said about 40 people must have died.

Several deaths have been confirmed

A family member confirmed the deaths of several marine guests.

Varvara Vakhrusheva, the wife of 41-year-old Ivan Vakhrusheva, confirmed to Liberty Radio in the “Schemes” investigation project that the man died while serving on the ship.

Ivan Vakhrushev.  Battleship Moscow.

Confirmation of death: According to his wife Varvara Vakhrusheva, Ivan Vakhrusheva confirmed his death.

Photo: screenshot

She is said to have been informed of her death on 14 April. It also said 27 Marines were missing.

Dmitriy Shkrypets tells that his son Igor Dmitrievich Shkryptdeclared missing Moscow was hit.

Igor Shkripts.  Battleship Moscow.

Missing: Igor Dmitrievich Shkrypt was enlisted on the battleship “Moscow” and, according to his father, was declared missing.

Photo: screenshot

Pioneering in Russia

The ship “Moscow” is described as the battleship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. For example, “Moscow” played a central role during the Russian war in Syria in 2015.

It is the second major warship destroyed by Ukrainian forces.

On Saturday, the Russian Defense Ministry released one Video showing the crew aboard Moscow. They claimed that the crews were rescued when the ship sank.

cruiser "Moscow" Pictured on the pier of the port of Sevastopol in Crimea on April 7.

Black Sea Fleet: Photo of the cruiser “Moscow” at the base of the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol in the annexed Crimea on April 7.

Photo: AP

In the video, which barely reaches half a minute, one can see dozens of sailors in uniforms of the Russian Navy, but the clip makes it difficult to determine their number.

Some Twitter users expressed doubts that as many as 500 people were supposed to have been on board “Moscow” when the ship started burning.

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