There is no room for discussion, because this has already been decided in the back room

There is no room for discussion, because this has already been decided in the back room

Written by Lødingen Høyre Municipal Administration Board.

it has been Good cooperation Between businessmen and port users, the Port of Lødingen and the Municipality of Lødingen in the past four years. There was a good tone, a perception that everyone was going in the same direction for Ludingen. Against this background, many of us stood for election to make an effort for Lüdingen. This changed during the campaign and after the election. The tone became completely different, more harsh in mentioning people and harsher rhetoric. Unfortunately, we at Lødingen Høyre sometimes allow ourselves to get carried away. Of course, we don't want it that way, we are self-critical.

We will now Say something about the process surrounding the amendment to the Port Board's charter, which has put us completely in opposition and on the sidelines. There is no room for discussion, because this has already been decided in the back room. The group had a ten-minute meeting and the bench proposal and the scandal was real.

Leader of Lødingen Høyre, Monika Rolandsen.

General position The new statute was adopted with an amendment proposal from Frp. But if we look back, we will find that many of them were clearly and clearly taken to bed, not quite understanding what they were doing by voting. Just that in itself is terrifying. Elected representatives should know what they are actually voting on. According to Statsforvalteren in Nordland, it is very important that elected officials have enough information so that they know what they are voting on. This came during the meeting held by the presidency with the state governor on November 23. The amendment proposal was not firmly established in the parties' position.

“Everyone must stay he heard» Very beautifully said from the podium during the meeting. A bright picture is painted and a reminder that no one has exclusive rights to the harbor in the municipality of Lødingen. Is it an oversight or suppression of the situation that large parts of the inner harbor in the municipality of Lüdingen are privately owned? Companies that have invested large sums of money to create activity and job opportunities in Lødingen.

which company It is natural for investors to want to control their own investments. At least he's allowed to have a say in the team, and not be at the mercy of outsiders. It is simply not enough to be heard. Then investments stop. It will be risky for many in the business world.

We are in the opposition I can only sit and watch as the power struggle in the position unfolds and how parts of the cooperation agreement signed between the parties to the position are put into place, one by one.

Why the situation This and what will they achieve?

Position argument It is professionalism, while it may indicate that the agenda is more about exclusion.

It must pass the council Of 5 people, where only one member is the permanent representative of the Municipal Council. This position was already filled in September, in the above-mentioned cooperation agreement. He belongs to the FrP and they should hold the position of Vice President.

In the same cooperation agreement It has already been decided who will be the Chairman of the Board of Directors. It is intended for the sitting president who represents the AP.

Is this the way? To professionalize the onboarding? Are these the most professionals we have to take Lødingen Havn forward?

Which the president gets If we sit down for another while, we in the Conservative Party think this might make sense. It is important to maintain continuity of the work that has been started, including the site development project. However, we believe that a representative from the municipal council must be appointed in advance.

The role he gets Then the Election Commission? Who in the designated state must put forward candidates – who in turn must be voted on by the municipal council.

Lødingen Høyre believes The largest port users have the right to appoint a user representative to the port’s board of directors. Who is the most professional port user?

Sortland Port Harstad Havn has user representatives on its board of directors. Both boards talk about the importance of having a user representative with them. Why do we have to be so different here in Lüdingen?

We ask ourselves – How can self-proclaimed professionals act in an unprofessional manner? Why the silence from the Labor Party and the Joint List (SP and V) in this regard?

Port of Lodingen and Lødingen Municipality relies on good cooperation with port users to be able to move forward with the site development project, and to ensure that more of what has been achieved so far is invested.

Confidence in position Unfortunately it is broken. They are invited to make nice festive speeches and say that there is a place for work on the board. But we have no guarantee that the situation will not bring these kinds of bench proposals, as happened during the municipal council meeting on December 21, 2023 – although the mayor noted that it is usual for the municipal council to vote in favor of the electoral commission. recommendation.

Severin Sovereign said That, and we repeat it – O Mayor, O Office, there is no shame in paying attention.

He wants Lødingen Høyre The matter was again submitted for consideration by the Municipal Council on 22 February 2024 and the recommendation made by the Port Board on 7 December 2023 was followed.

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