There is no timetable for the integration of EU zero emissions law into the European Economic Area

There is no timetable for the integration of EU zero emissions law into the European Economic Area

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The European Union stands still Net Zero Industry Act (NZIA)Zero Emission Industry Act, the requirements of the Act must be incorporated into the European Economic Area Agreement for CO22-Storage on the Norwegian continental shelf should be included in the EU CO2 storage target2 Until 2030. Offshore Norway previously told Energi og Klima that it was necessary to incorporate net zero industry law into the EEA agreement.

Renewed Norway also signed and stressed the importance of Norway quickly incorporating this law into the EEA Agreement.

Important tool

The EU law on zero-emission industry will ensure the building of an industry in Europe capable of providing the technology and equipment needed for the green transition. This is one of the most important responses to the massive support package provided by the United States and the strong role played by China as a supplier of equipment for the green transition. This applies to everything from electric cars and solar cells to wind turbines, as well as carbon capture and storage.

There is no timetable

– Will the Ministry have a fast track here to implement this quickly, and if so, what are the timelines?

“Clarification as quick as possible,” is the closest the Department of Trade and Fisheries can get in an email that took four days to write.

Moreover, the ministry wrote that it is now studying, together with other relevant ministries, the final text of the law.

Talk to parties

“We have an ongoing dialogue with the EFTA and EEA countries Liechtenstein and Iceland. The formal EEA process only begins when the legal act is published in the Official Journal of the European Union,” concludes the Ministry's Communications Department.

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In Norwegian business, people are concerned that Norway must keep pace with industrial development and efficiency in the green transition.

Hydropower with

Offshore Norway also receives support from Fornybar Norge, which has lobbied hard for hydropower to be included in the list of priority technologies in the green transition. This eventually worked, and hydropower is now equal to solar and wind in the final legal text.

“It is good that hydropower is considered a priority technology, so that the necessary production of components in Europe can be increased,” the head of the EU Norwegian Office for Renewable Energy, Niklas Calvo Tessem, wrote to Energi og Klima.

He adds that the most important thing is that the net zero industry law in the European Economic Area be adopted quickly, so that Norway does not become a third country for the European Union in this field. If that happens, the Norwegian supply industry will be at a disadvantage, Tessem warns, further writing that “it is important to stick to this European green business development race.”

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