Therefore, Microsoft became bigger than Apple

Therefore, Microsoft became bigger than Apple

Apple has long been America's most valuable company, but now Microsoft is poised to seize the throne. For a few minutes on Friday, Microsoft overtook Apple as the world's most valuable publicly traded company.

A MarketWatch review of the companies suggests that Apple is no longer a growth stock and that Microsoft is the tech giant's best long-term investment.

Cruel smile: Apple CEO Tim Cook had a slow start to the new year, losing his position as the world's most valuable listed company for a few minutes on Friday. Image: Bloomberg

After the stock market closed on Friday, Apple was barely able to cling to the top, with its market value reaching $2.892 trillion, slightly ahead of Microsoft's $2.887 trillion. So far this year, Apple stock is down 3.4 percent, while Microsoft stock is up 3.3 percent.

Microsoft is growing faster

One important factor highlighted is the price-to-earnings (P/E) valuation. Apple's P/E has doubled over the past five years, from 12.3 to 27.7 – an increase of 125 percent. While Microsoft's rating rose 46 percent, to 31.7, partly due to Microsoft's profits each year. The company's share increased much faster than that of the competitor.

# apple Microsoft
Share purchase recommendations 57 90
Share holding recommendations 34 10
Share sales recommendations 9 0
The final session is on Friday 185.92 388.47
The goal of the consensus cycle 197.58 420.91
Consensus upside down 6.3% 8.4%

Source: Market Watch

Analyzes of companies' compound annual growth rates (CAGR) of sales and profits per share over the past five years also indicate a trend. Apple has grown faster than the S&P 500, but Microsoft has grown even faster. Estimates obtained from FactSet suggest that Apple's future growth will lag the index and fall far behind Microsoft.

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Rapid growth usually justifies a higher stock price, so it also makes sense that Microsoft is now trading at a higher future earnings multiple than Apple's stock price. But it's hard to justify Apple's premium compared to the entire S&P 500 based on these numbers, MarketWatch wrote.

Analysts' recommendations reinforce this opinion. After a strong 2023 for both companies, the stock price is expected to see moderate growth next year, but analysts largely favor Microsoft.

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