Watch what the app did while it slept

Watch what the app did while it slept

WhatsApp has been in the spotlight for privacy in the past and this time the episode was totally hot.

What does WhatsApp offer?

Fouad Dabiri’s tweet went viral so much that WhatsApp had to respond to the matter. “WhatsApp has been using the microphone in the background while I’m sleeping, and since I was armed. What’s going on?”

Dabiri is technically nobody, as he’s a Twitter developer. WhatsApp states on the same social network that they have spoken to Dabiri in the past 24 hours “due to an issue with Pixel mobile and WhatsApp”.

Blame Google

According to the service, which is owned by Meta, they believe there is a bug in Android that is retrieving erroneous information from the “Privacy Dashboard”. The service says it has asked Google to investigate and fix. In other words, they think it’s Google’s fault.

The service also tweets that “users have full control over microphone settings once the app is accessed.” WhatsApp only connects to the microphone when a user calls or records audio or video, and even then the connection is protected with point-to-point encryption so WhatsApp can’t hear it.

We are following the issue and any responses from Google.

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