Fraud, BankID | Warning: – Alarm should ring when you receive such SMS

Fraud, BankID |  Warning: – Alarm should ring when you receive such SMS

(Nidaros): – This is not how you manage your bank id.

That’s what BankID’s Head of Communications Heig Steinsland told Nidaros when I was informed of the SMS messages that arrived on the mobile phone of one of Nidaros’ editors last night.

«[INFO] We are upgrading the BankID app with enhanced security measures. As a result, your BankID has been temporarily blocked. Update here: “Written in the text message with the accompanying link.

Steinsland says it is just a scam and warns against following links that appear to come from public services.

– It’s not worth saying that anymore, there are too many scam attempts. If in doubt, an alert should go off when you receive an SMS or phone call asking you to provide BankID information.

I mentioned recently Technique That Apple users today will soon have to replace the BankID app they are currently using. The reason is that the company behind the service was, until last year, part of the same company as Vipps, but has now been spun off into a separate company.

Communications Manager notes that Apple users will be notified directly in the app when it’s time to switch from the old app to the new one, and there won’t be an SMS with a link.

– There is a lot of fraud with strong brands such as Police, BankID, Posten and other public services. Scammers try to pressure you, such as when the “police” calls by indicating that the matter is urgent. Scammers exploit the role of trust, but the police will never call to ask for account information or bank ID. Then you just have to say “hate” and wait, says Steinsland and continues:

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– What happens when you click on a link or give information over the phone is that they sit on the other end and empty your bank account. The most important thing is that you are skeptical, use official websites or portals that you know, and check them out.

The most important piece of advice a communications manager can give when such an SMS comes in:

Take it easy, nothing is urgent at all. Breathe with your stomach. If you’re worried about something happening to your money, log into your account and check, or contact the bank directly.

Police received just over 27,600 reports of the “economy” statistical type in 2022, compared to just over 24,100 in the previous year, Okukrim wrote in press release earlier in February.

The increase is attributed to more fraud reviews registered. In 2022, 23,100 people reported fraud, compared to about 19,000 in the previous year, an increase of more than 20 percent.

Most of the fraud cases are related to digital fraud, which, according to Okokrim, is due to the fact that we live our lives largely online.

The police are now setting up a separate fraud unit under the supervision of Okocrem to increase efforts to prevent and combat fraud.

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