Lyse and Hydro apply for license for five new hydropower plants – E24

Lyse and Hydro apply for license for five new hydropower plants – E24

Investments for the Røldal-Suldal upgrade could reach NOK 8 billion.


Lyse and Hydro have applied for a license to upgrade power stations in Røldal-Suldal with five new hydropower plants.

The total investment could reach NOK 7-8 billion, the companies wrote in a press release. Construction will begin in 2027 at the earliest.

-At the national level, this is a very large hydropower project. If we get the licence, we could start the biggest hydropower upgrade in 40 years,” says Emond Nygaard, CEO of Lyse.

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The current power station at Røldal-Suldal consists of nine power stations, and was completed in 1968. It was built by Hydro in the 1960s to power aluminum production at the Karmøy metallurgy plant.

-It needs more horsepower

Lees and Hydro write that they want to modernize and expand hydropower, because the current plant does not provide much flexibility in production when it is needed most. The development will largely take place within the mountain.

-Hydroelectric power needs more horsepower to produce more when it is cold, dark, and windless. In doing so, we will more than double the installed capacity, thus contributing more renewable energy in the hours when society needs it most, says Nygaard.

The planned power upgrade would increase the power plant's capacity from 630 MW to 1,280 MW. The upgrade will provide 800 GWh in increased production.

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– New and modernized hydropower plants in Røldal-Soldal will be important to ensure a more robust energy system that benefits industry, climate goals and society, says Arvid Mos, CEO of Hydro Energi.

The two companies expect that between 150 and 250 people will be employed in connection with the potential upgrade over the potential 6 to 8 year construction period.

I took up the project again

Lees announced in 2022 that the giant project had been postponed, after the government introduced controversial new tax rules, without specifying how long it would continue.

The Center Party criticized Liss's plans, claiming that the company used the project's cancellation as leverage to remove the tax. Geir Bolestad (SP) claimed that it was supposed to be temporary anyway.

However, the government eventually came out and promised to abolish the so-called “high price subsidies” by 2025. Lees then turned around and said they wanted to invest in the project in Røldal-Soldal anyway. The tax was disputed Removal From October 2023.

Joint Electricity Company

It is the jointly owned company Lyse Kraft DA that has applied for the licence.

Lyse owns 74.4 percent and Hydro owns 25.6 percent of the hydroelectric joint venture in southwestern Norway. The power plants of the Røldal-Suldal power plant make up a large part of the portfolio.

Hydro is primarily known as an aluminum producer, but is also among Norway's largest energy producers.

Lyse is also among Norway's largest energy producers. In addition, the group includes, among others, electricity, network and mobile companies. Lyse is owned by 14 municipalities in Rogaland.

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