Kevin De Bruyne has been robbed – and now an expert warns The way Premier League stars expose themselves on social media: – A recipe for disaster

Kevin De Bruyne has been robbed – and now an expert warns The way Premier League stars expose themselves on social media: – A recipe for disaster

MANCHESTER (VG) Shelter with steel doors, guard dogs and ex-Special Forces. Football stars are resorting to drastic measures, the Daily Mail writes, after one of Manchester City's biggest stars was subjected to a burglary at his home a few days ago.


-You know where the footballers are on weekend evenings. If you do some preparation work, you will also know when they are training. Their lives are largely public. It is easy to know where they are. If you add that the players themselves are contributing by making themselves more public through social media for example, then it's a recipe for disaster.

This is what British Alex Bomberg, former military man and director of the London-based smart security company Intelligent Protection, says. The company provides services to professional football players.

Bomberg received the reports from the Belgian newspaper HLN who wrote on Monday that Manchester City star Kevin De Bruyne is the latest in a long line of players to have their homes visited by criminals.

Last Saturday, thieves broke into a luxury home in Belgium.

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No one was present in the house, which according to the newspaper was “turned upside down.” It was mainly jewelry that was seized and later discovered by his wife, Michele Lacroix.

according to woman The football star received the disappointing message when he arrived in Saudi Arabia on Sunday morning, with the 32-year-old spending the days with, among others, injured Erling Braut Haaland training again after a long-term injury.

In training: Kevin De Bruyne is in Saudi Arabia, but he is a spectator when Manchester City plays the Club World Cup.  The Belgian has been training after being absent due to injury since August.

He writes in the aftermath of a house robbery daily Mail Players are now resorting to strong means to protect themselves.

  • The newspaper claims that players are spending thousands of pounds on hiring former special forces (formerly… SAS soldiersSAS soldiersA special force within the British Defense Forces specializing in counter-terrorism, special operations and surveillance.).
  • They buy guard dogs.
  • They have steel “shelter rooms” built with the option to call an emergency center. It should work even if the phone lines are down.
  • According to the newspaper, it is also used.”Digital fencesDigital fencesIn English it is called Geofencing.» Equipped with motion sensors and surveillance equipment to control potential thieves. If the alarm goes off, those in the home can escape and help can be called.

The Daily Mail reported that their clubs advised players to wait until they return home before posting photos of themselves on social media while on holiday or attending other events.

In 2022, VG ​​wrote a longer issue about the spate of thefts, and the horror stories of players and families, where… National team player Sander Berge is on the list of those affected.

  • Manchester City will play the Club World Cup final against Brazilian Fluminense on Friday. He. She Shown on VG+ Sport The broadcast begins at 18.25.

When VG asks national team manager Ståle Solbakken if the spate of thefts and possible measures is a theme for a national team with many foreign professionals, he answers that he has not experienced it.

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– But it is clear that it is everyone's nightmare and fear. After all, it's personal property that you have in your home, and you can put a stick inside that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Some seem to be doing their best too, so it's clearly a nightmare for all families, says Solbakken.

For security expert Bomberg, the first security breach occurs when criminals have knowledge of valuables and players' whereabouts. Therefore, he believes that appearing on social media is unfortunate.

-At the same time, it is difficult for the players as well. After all, they want to promote brands and show off. But there is a delicate balance between exposing yourself and putting yourself at risk. A very difficult equation. But better study how no To perform is Kim Kardashian.

He remembers the brutal robbery of the American reality queen in 2016.

According to New York PostHe said he did not regret the action because she “spent money” and bragged about her wealth on social media.

– Her whole life was on social media life. Either she posted it herself, or her friends did. You're asking for trouble if you keep this up. So it's only a matter of time, Bomberg says.

– This applies not only to social media, but also to other places such as magazines where they show off their wealth, or their homes. It's dangerous, because you're showing what the house looks like and where to find things. He's so stupid.

The security expert is unsure about everything the Daily Mail reported. He believes players generally only get pinned monitoring. He also doesn't particularly believe in guard dogs.

– This is not the solution to problems. Your dog does not call the police on your behalf. He says video surveillance is mostly just evidence, but it confirms that a small number of the richest players have escape rooms with steel doors built into their homes.

His best answer to the problem is one of the more expensive solutions:

  • Potential thieves should see that there are actual guards around the building. This means that the thieves withdraw during the reconnaissance phase.
  • He says that deterrence and detection are the most important things in such a security plan.
  • It is believed that you do not need ex-special soldiers for such a job, but preferably ex-police officers or ex-military working bilaterally.

-It's not about criminals from Great Britain. There are big bands from Eastern Europe and South America. These gangs have a greater appetite for higher risks. They find some targets, then return home.

– They do not know the area in which they work. Everything is new to them. So they have to rebuild and gain knowledge while they are here. Bomberg says this is the reality for players.


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