Biden rejects the Chinese “peace plan” – VG

Biden rejects the Chinese “peace plan” – VG
Ukraine supports: President Joe Biden just visited Ukraine to show support. He was not affected by the Chinese peace plan for Ukraine.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry has made a series of points to achieve peace in Ukraine. The President of the United States is not very impressed.


On Friday night, the Chinese Foreign Ministry came up with a proposal on how to end the war in Ukraine.

The Cold War mentality must end, one must return to the negotiating table, and “the security of one country cannot come at the expense of the security of another.”

US President Joe Biden has now commented on the proposal for the first time, and the cheers cannot be stopped.

– I don’t see anything in China’s peace plan that would be beneficial to anyone other than Russia, the president says in a new interview with ABC, according to Reuters.

At the same time, he says, the United States has put the Ukrainians in a position to make progress over the spring and summer. Direct questions about the F-16 fighters were also asked and answered:

– He (Zelenskyj) doesn’t need it now.

Biden is receiving follow-up questions about whether he is ruling out sending the F-16.

I rule it out for now.

In recent days, there has been speculation about whether China is going to help Russia with weapons in the war against Ukraine.

On a visit to Ukraine: US President Joe Biden made a surprise visit to Kiev last weekend.

The US president says in the interview that he does not “expect any major initiative from China to help with weapons.”

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He also says the United States will respond if China decides to send weapons to Russia. He suggests that the answer in this case would be severe punishments.

Nor did NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg express any faith in the Chinese “alternative to peace.”

He points out that the great power in the East has not yet denounced the Russian invasion.

– So they don’t have much credibility, he said in Tallinn on Friday.

China’s statement states that UN rules must be respected, but the country has not condemned the Russian invasion.

However, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said he views parts of the peace plan from China positively, and believes it expresses respect for the country’s territorial sovereignty.

Russia has also expressed itself positively towards the peace plan, but Maria Zakharova of the Russian Foreign Ministry believes that the plan should include “recognition of new territorial realities in Ukraine”.

It means recognizing regions illegally annexed by Russia.


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