Nose trauma: – Ingrown hairs

Nose trauma: – Ingrown hairs

35-year-old Kelly Kozyra from Illinois, USA, has been addicted to cocaine and crack for a long time.

One morning six years ago, her husband did not wake up and was pronounced dead from an overdose. Then Kelly decided to start a drug-free life.

She remained sober for eight months, before suffering a relapse that lasted three and a half years.

During a relapse, the 35-year-old took several heavy medications, which came at the cost of running her nose. On TikTok, she says she simply broke up.

improvement: 35-year-old Kelly Kozyra from Illinois, USA had to undergo multiple surgeries to restore her nose, which had disintegrated after periods of heavy cocaine use. Correspondent: Christina H. Corneliussen / Dagbladet TV
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She says her nasal septum eroded from all the cocaine sniffing.

New nose: – Ingrown hair

In October 2022, she begins the process of creating a new, well-functioning nose by extracting skin, tissue, blood vessels, and muscle from her arm and from her head.

Since then, she has undergone several operations. Among other things, doctors created an attachment between her forehead and nose after skin transplants, to make the skin acclimatize in the new location.

The picture shakes: – disgusting

The skin implanted in the nose contained hair follicles and sweat glands, which led to Kelly’s hair growing on the tip of her nose for a while.

Below you can see a TikTok video of Kelly’s nose at the end of November last year.

Cheers in a new video

Slowly but surely, a new nose is beginning to take shape. This week, Kelly posted a video without the clip on her forehead, and the hair on her nose had stopped growing.

– I’ve had a new operation now, and I’m very happy with the way it looks, says Kelly, before she continues:

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– The doctors treated the inside of my nose very well. The skin on the inside comes from the arm, and the skin on the tip of the nose comes from the forehead. This is because they are the most similar in thickness and hue, American Woman explains.

In the video below, you can see the evolution Kelly has been through in recent months.

Like a peach peel

She says a lot of hair grew on the tip at first, but then it slowed down dramatically.

– What’s growing now looks like peach skin. Now I haven’t shaved it in months.

She also talked about some problems after the operation.

- the doctors begged for amputation

– the doctors begged for amputation

The skin inside the nose is thicker than it was there. I’ve had surgeries many times to adjust the skin there. After the first operations, this resulted in the nostrils being retracted towards the nasal septum. Kelly says it’s much better now.

Kelly herself says she has been sober since January 2021. She shares videos of herself on social media to inspire others, all the while warning about how bad things can be if she takes drugs.

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