Bjørnar Moxnes is on sick leave

Bjørnar Moxnes is on sick leave

Past: VG Moxnes posted a video of himself taking off his sunglasses in Cartermoyne on Monday evening.

– I just watched the video and can’t see anything here that contradicts what Bjorner explained, or that new information comes to light that we didn’t have before, he adds:

– That being said, it seems suspicious given what we already know that the surveillance camera was stolen. It also insists that the police made a proper assessment in the case by issuing the summons, which Bjorner fully acknowledges, he says.

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Bjørnar Moxnes is on sick leave until July 18 – informs Rødt’s deputy Marie Sneve Martinussen to the press on Monday evening.

He says the extraordinary meeting of the national board has faith in Moxnes.

– He says Bjorner has a lot of support as party leader.

– This matter is being covered up a lot now, but at the same time Rødt has a political plan, which we will pursue, says Sneve Martinussen.

She tells Dagbladet that she thinks Moxnes is not well.

– I think he’s not well, referring to Moxnes being on sick leave.

Snave Martinussen added that he felt that he had not received complete information from Moxnes from the beginning.

– It’s dusty nonsense, he tells the press about the sunglasses theft.

Rødt did not want to comment on the matter ahead of Monday evening’s extraordinary national meeting. Rødt’s press secretary Maren Njøs Kurdøl told Dagbladet that the meeting will take place digitally.

Moxnes admitted on Friday that he took a pair of sunglasses to Cartermoen. He changed his explanation several times and admitted to tearing the note and putting the glasses in the luggage.

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An extraordinary national board meeting will be held on Monday evening. Party colleagues here in Rødt should be informed about the sick leave.

Rødt President Rødt President Bjørnar Moxnes comments on the theft of sunglasses he was caught in Gardermoen. Video: Howard Danse-Larsen Knudsen / Correspondent: Jørgen Kilbrand
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Party secretary in Rødt, Reidar Strisland, commented on the situation and the extraordinary meeting on Monday evening at NRK on Dagsnytt 18.

– It is clear that the majority have faith in Moxnes, says Strisland.

Strisland says of tonight’s meeting:

– It’s a national board meeting, it’s an informational meeting because Bjorner Moxnes is on sick leave.

The deputy manager on the road, Mary Snave Martinussen, will act as manager during sick leave, Strisland says.

– No one wants to make a decision tonight, he says when asked about any proposals regarding Moxne’s exit.

– This should be a terrific dramatic twist. Now that Bjorner has told his story, he wants to release the photos and video, Strisland says.

– This is a dark chapter in the book of Bjorner Moxnes, but it is a book with terribly bright chapters, says the party secretary.

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