These are the new challengers to “The Farm”

These are the new challengers to “The Farm”

Farmin’s season is rarely without drama, and this year’s gang has already grabbed several headlines.

Last week, Dagbladet was able to reveal the presence of two participants Smuggling in the jungle frequentlyAnd that there was a complete laundry behind the scenes.

On Tuesday, there will also be three new participants, ready to make life on the farm. Among them is Torstein Knutsen (62), who has been waiting for many years for a chance at a farm adventure.

I’ve been auditioning for six or seven years. I didn’t show up at the time, and I had really given up a bit. But many of my friends insisted that I join, and in the end it was one of my friends who signed me up this year, he tells Dagbladet.

Dye your hair blue

Tromsdalingen explains that he has “everything he needs” to handle the TV competition, working as a carpenter, running a farm and managing sewing matters.

– I like potatoes. He says I know hell as I learned everything, but I know most things.

breaking the rules: Over the years we have seen several cases of abuse within The Farm. Now the cheat has been revealed on this year’s season. Video: Red Carpet / TV 2
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It’s also good at keeping its head cool, which the ice blue welder demonstrates well.

– I accept the challenge face to face, my daughter-in-law has a hairdressing salon in Tromsø. This spring she said she wanted to do something with my soldering, and that she would do whatever she wanted. She knows blue is my favorite color, so it turns out, he says with a laugh.

Handyman: Torstein Knudsen knows most things, and he wanted an adventure

Handyman: Torstein Knudsen knows most things, and has wanted the “Farmen” adventure for many years. Photo: Alex Iversen/TV 2
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– I have a Chevrolet 88 model truck in exactly the same color, so there was a lot of laughs. In fact, it was people my age who said I wore it!

I got the feeling of middle school

Joining him in the challenging trio is Associate Professor and Environmental Therapist Anette Svendsen (40). She explained that she initially wanted to refuse to come as a challenger, but failed to let the opportunity pass her by.

– It’s like starting high school in the middle of the school year, and no one is eager to get to know you. It was also the kind of feeling I had when I came. There were a lot of impressions at once, and I thought, “Oh my God, that’s not going to work,” she told Dagbladet.

WON TO YOUTH SCHOOL: Annette Svendsen works in a high school, and I felt the same way when I entered a farm

WON TO YOUTH SCHOOL: Annette Svendsen works in a high school, and she felt the same way when she entered The Farm. Photo: Alex Iversen/TV 2
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She had a clear vision of how she wanted to be on The Farm.

– I think you can win the “farm” without being an idiot. I never thought about the prize, but I had a plan to learn a lot of new things, to live an everyday life completely different from the one we have now, without a phone and TV. I didn’t know shit when I walked in!

That would give a damn

However, the third challenger had many skills in cultivation. Student teacher Gunnar Svengen (25 years old) grew up on a small farm and therefore owns the movable part inside. Although he would have preferred to participate from the start, he chose to see the challenger’s role as an opportunity.

It’s hard to get into something already built, but it also gives you a position to attack. I didn’t know what it would be like, I just thought I’d go in and give what I had and leave it fat so it wouldn’t go any further.

- Fireplace On: Gunnar Svengen was interested in

– FIREPLUS ON: Gunnar Svengen was interested in “getting fat” on the “farm”. Photo: Alex Iversen/TV 2
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What can viewers expect of you on screen?

They can expect at least someone to explore. I was determined to shoot and show interest in everything. I have an attitude towards taking things as they come.

The three “farm” competitors will fight to become full participants in the farm adventure, but only two of them will be allowed to stay on the farm. Who can join belongs to the original participants.

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