They dig their own graves

They dig their own graves

Yesterday Tibber launched three things – the option to change the due date, the option to defer electricity bill payment for free 30 days and a new billing period where you pay for electricity until the due date. The latter caused many people to react strongly.

On the next invoice, Tibber customers must pay for a month and a half’s consumption: the actual September consumption, plus Tibber’s estimates for the October half.

– They dig their own graves, says former customer Erin Ofland Olshorn.


– The billing period, which received the most attention in the media, was changed, while the reception from customers was more accurate. Many have already embraced the new jobs, while some react negatively, says Tibber’s director of public relations and communications Gaute Haversen-Westhassel.

Olstern is one of those who reacted negatively, who has been a loyal customer for more than two years.

“I honestly didn’t know if I was going to laugh or frown when he blew me what Tepper sent in the email in question,” says Olstern.

She explains to DinSide that she had to read the email multiple times because she thought she misunderstood what was actually written there.

– She adds that she looks very sneaky.

Resource changed within an hour

Ølstørn was very satisfied with Tibber as an electricity supplier and for the past two years he’s recruited both friends and family, but decided to change companies after the email arrived with two days’ notice.

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– I walked around and changed the electricity provider within an hour, says Ølstørn and thinks this goes against their profile.

We understand that customers are now considering switching businesses, but we hope the new payment solutions will give customers more flexibility and control over their finances, and therefore the will to stay, says Tibber’s Haversen-Westhassel.

When Tepper was asked how many customers he had lost in the past 24 hours, he said they could not provide figures on how many customers had changed electricity suppliers.

Going forward, we want to make sure that as many people as possible understand what the new procedures mean for them personally, and help them use solutions to determine the due date themselves and apply for a payment deferral, if necessary, he explains.

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