The decline is accelerating on Wall Street

The decline is accelerating on Wall Street

After six consecutive days of broad declines on Wall Street, this trend was broken on Wednesday. However, the stock market slump returned on Thursday. 3 minutes after the opening in the US, it looked like this among the leading Wall Street indexes (19.30, Norwegian time):

  • The Dow Jones index fell 1.05 percent to 29,372 points.
  • The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index fell 1.38 percent in value to 3,666 points.
  • The Nasdaq also fell, dropping 1.88 percent to 10,844 points.

FixThe index, which shows the expected volatility in the S&P 500 over the next 30 days, rose 5.67 percent to 31.89.

interest on it Decade US government bonds rose 9.5 basis points to a yield of 3.79 per cent. «Two-year-old“Increased by 10.5”Five-year-old“It rises by 10.6 basis points to return 4.20 and 4.02 percent, respectively.

North Sea oil barrel price Brent It rose 0.73 percent to $90.01 a barrel at the open. The price of West Texas Intermediate crude rose 0.72 percent to $82.71 a barrel.

New weekly figures from the US Department of Labor showed that 193,000 Americans applied for unemployment benefits for the first time in the week ending September 24. In advance, 215,000 was expected.

broken market

Wednesday’s rally came due to the Bank of England’s purchase of British government bonds to boost market confidence after the sharp drop in the Pound in recent days.

But it now appears that investors’ hopes that central banks will continue to intervene in the event of serious market turmoil are fading.

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– Despite the BoE’s insistence that these purchases were targeted and temporary to alleviate a dysfunctional market, global markets reacted as if the Bank had launched a new program of quantitative easing (QE, gore. Note). Stock markets are up, and global government yields are down along the entire curve, says macro strategist Jim Reed at Deutsche Bank Market Watch.

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