They shouldn’t do this

They shouldn’t do this

Dbrand (Ontario, Canada), a company with aggressive marketing, not just “skins,” has filed a lawsuit against Casetify in Hong Kong.

Dbrand accuses competitors of copying the business

The company is said to have copied “inside-out” graphics pasted on mobile phones, tablets and other devices so you could see what the products looked like from the inside, without having to expose the insides to constant danger. It’s a smart product, and Dbrand’s success is likely worth hundreds of millions of dollars — we don’t know how much, as the company is private and therefore doesn’t have to disclose the size of its business. Ditto for Casetify.

“Glass is glass”

Drand moved to X in March of this year and revealed what should be a regular copy mission from Casetify. Since then, lawyers may have worked to prepare themselves for the legal system, because they have not filed a lawsuit yet. The reason the JerryRigEverything video appears at the end of the article is because the creator was the first to sponsor interior skins from Dbrand in 2019.

Casetify has now removed similar products, and according to The Verge, it’s because the company was caught copying:

“There is strong evidence to support Dbrand’s claims. Dbrand discovered several Easter eggs that they planted in their own designs on Casetify’s Inside Out products. They include the tag ‘R0807’, which refers to Dbrand’s logo as a robot-powered brand, as well as JerryRigEverything’s catchphrase ‘Glass It is glass and the glass breaks.”

Casetify reports on It may have occurred at the same time that allegations of copyright infringement became known.

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