They tore red flags in the center of Bergen and expelled: – Communist symbols in the public space

They tore red flags in the center of Bergen and expelled: – Communist symbols in the public space
Flag on Torgallmeningen. Photo: private.



A flag believed to be associated with the Soviet Union was removed.

Tori Rasmussen, who Resit previously mentioned regarding humanitarian engagement in Ukraine, says he tore dozens of red flags from the Torgallmenningen Bergen Center. It is believed that these flags are communist flags.

“Given the situation in Ukraine with the Russian invasion, Norwegians should no longer find themselves in communist symbols in public,” Rasmussen told Resset.


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They want the Norwegian flags

He believes that only the Norwegian flag or symbols of certain organizations can be used to represent Norwegian workers.

The May 1 Committee allowed for far too long the extremist forces on the left to be free on May 1st. If you want to encode Norwegian workers’ rights, you can use the Norwegian flag or the LO flag. The LO flag can be used if the LO is the regulator, says Rasmussen.

– The communist flag can be linked to the Soviet Union, he adds.


He points out that the behavior of Russian soldiers in Ukraine is the reason for his views.

– The fact that some Russian soldiers fly Soviet flags in the occupied territories means that hanging these flags in Norway is inappropriate, he says.

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Therefore, Rasmussen removed the red flags that were hung over Torgallmeningen in downtown Bergen on May 1.

Flags are removed from Torgallmeningen. Photo: private.

Rasmussen says he received support from pensioners who were in the area, who came forward and pointed out the flags Rasmussen did not fly.


However, he was expelled from downtown Bergen, and had to leave the place.

– So it is allowed to raise communist flags, but it is not allowed to bring them down, he said.

Flag on Torgallmeningen. Photo: private.

– falsification of history

He believes that the Bergen May Day Committee should go on its own and not allow the most extreme wing to control itself.

It makes no sense to think that the communist flag represents the Norwegian workers. Rasmussen says it is a falsification of history.

– He concludes that May 1st is the day the outside left uses for agitation, when we should really focus on class cooperation.

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