This brutal contraction could have been avoided by Gåte and Norway. NRK failed. Now it's time to wash.

This brutal contraction could have been avoided by Gåte and Norway.  NRK failed.  Now it's time to wash.
The author of the article believes that this brutal downturn in Gåte (pictured) and Norway could have been avoided if NRK had respected the rules of the game.

It is clear that the EBU must move on on its own. But NRK must sweep its own door.

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NRK president Vibeke Fürst Haugen was surprisingly tall and dark on the day after the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) final. She said NRK would give Eurovision organizer EBU “some clear feedback” on “how to handle the situation”.

The warning about the wash came after Haugen had long repeated the EBU's indirect argument as to why Israel could not be banned from the Economic and Social Council this year. That's how short the path is from patter to critic. That's how fast you can turn from sheep into wolf.

It is clear that the EBU, after dealing with this year's great debate in the economic and social sphere, must move on on its own. But you should clean your door before looking for someone else's door.

And when it comes to NRK's ​​take on ESC this year, there's enough to learn from it.

Wrong festival for Gåte

As a result: for the second time in four years, Norway qualified for the final with a cry for help. There we finished last, 12th out of 61 entries. On average, we now come in last place every fifth time we participate. Record, of course.

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There were no bad words to say about Gatti, who gave everything, but he clearly ended up at the wrong festival. At the same time, it is clear that this brutal downturn could have been avoided if NRK had respected the rules of the game.

When NRK was not heard to change the weighting of ESC votes in favor of viewers, they chose to “move on” and Change distribution in Melodi Grand Prix (MGP) From 50/50 to 60/40.

Because they could not bring about change at the international level, they brought it at the national level!

Gåte won the MGP precisely because of this bias. If foreign juries had counted the number of viewers, Quino would have won. But broadcaster NRK wanted it different.

A pile of dishes for NRK

Also in fulfilling them Commitments of the Economic and Social Committee Did NRK fail this year? The only thing is that artist Alessandra Mele resigned at the last minute from her job as a Norwegian broadcaster because “there is currently a genocide going on.” Didn't you know that when you agreed?

What is much worse is that Daniel Owen on the professional jury appointed by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation openly admitted to deliberately violating the rules by voting against Israel's contribution. Didn't NRK get written advance notice from the jury that it should Abstain from such things?

In addition to facilitating another defeat for the Norwegian ESC, the NRK appears to have allowed itself to be used for political purposes. Therefore, it is a good idea to pay a visit to your own kitchen, as the collection of ESC dishes is starting to increase significantly.

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