This is how Sean, 29, and Hamza, 27, became crypto millionaires in a few months.

This is how Sean, 29, and Hamza, 27, became crypto millionaires in a few months.

Previously, it was more risky to invest than not to invest in cryptocurrencies. Not investing is now more risky, says Hamza Nebulci (27), who says that Visa is now using Ethereum on the settlement side of every transaction, and that Goldman Sachs recommends its clients to use Bitcoin.

Four years ago, Goldman Sachs opposed Bitcoin and called it a scam. Now they use it themselves as an asset class. This is the future. We are facing a revolution.

Shawn Munir (29 years old) has worked as an apprentice in several major commercial law firms in Norway. He himself worked as a lawyer before leaving his job to delve deeper into the doctrine of blockchain.

Good Mood: The two friends used the time from March 2020 to read on Ethereum, a platform for cryptocurrency and smart contracts based on blockchain technology. Ethereum has sailed in no time as a competitor to bitcoin through the ether. Photo: Hilda Aurild

Morten Klein recommends a petroleum fund invest 5% in Bitcoin. What not everyone knows is that the oil fund is already indirectly investing in Bitcoin: Mounir says before adding cheerfully:

Trygve Hegnar believes cryptography is neither revolution nor engineering. Do not go to your grandfather for technical advice, but you should fully respect the work that he did and did. He is one of the greatest personalities of our time, but in blockchain technology, he is not quite as powerful. There is better reliance on Morten Klein.

The two spent over a thousand hours truly understanding the mechanics of the blockchain, cracking some coins and making a fortune on Ethereum. In this episode of The Road Here, they take a deep dive into the history of money, inflation, the derivatives market, Bitcoin and Ethereum and describe the best website to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Kind of “Cryptography for Dummies” episodes.

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