This is how the physicist develops Klæbo’s superbody

This is how the physicist develops Klæbo’s superbody

Planica (VG) Johannes Hosflute Kleibeu (26) feared the WC season would end due to a hamstring injury. With physiotherapist Megan Stowe, the problem went away, and the duo also worked on their upper body.

WORKING WITH THE UPPER BODY: Physio Megan Stowe says she and Johannes Hosflotte Kleibeuw have tried to develop flexibility and strength in the upper body.

– The difference from where we started last fall is noticeable. He has a lot more flexibility and his strength is better. Afterward, Stowe tells VG his entire body is more balanced with more strength in the muscles most relevant to skiing Team sprint Klapow and Pal Gulberg won.

The back of the thigh is disturbed from July until the start of the season. In fact, it was so bad that Klæbo thought there was a chance the entire WC season could end a few days before the first race of the winter in November.

For four periods throughout the fall and winter, Klæbo had paid off private pocket Because physiotherapist Megan Stowe came from the United States to Europe to treat him. She worked for a number of years with the Milwaukee Bucks (Basketball) NBA team.

They tidy up the compactness, and Klæbo has two golds and one silver so far in the WC, as well as winning a Tour de Ski and 14 World Cup victories (a combined record in a single season).

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Recently, Stowe and Klæbo have begun developing other parts of his body as well, which are the most important working tool along with the skis he has under his legs.

– We worked a lot with the pectorals, latissimus dorsi, and rotator cuff (shoulder muscle group). He is very stiff in his chest muscles and does not have much strength in his back muscles. We’ve been working a lot with functional strength exercises for the back, says Stu.

– We look at the total with a view to how you can become a better skater. Then you have to start somewhere. For now, the focus is still mostly on stocking, so we’ll see if he can become more involved with more parts after the season, says Klæbo.

Riders outlook: Only five riders have managed to beat Johannes Hosflott Klæbo this season. He turned his back on them this winter.

On Monday, she returned to the United States after staying with the Norwegian for about two weeks. At the Athletes’ Frontier Hotel in Italy, the ski association allocated a separate room where the duo were each day.

– If you have a very stiff muscle, you won’t get enough blood and oxygen in it. Then you do not have the opportunity to extract so much force from the muscles. Stowe explains that because he has gained better mobility, he has gained more strength.

She points out that the muscle between the shoulder blades, called the gluteus maximus, is always in an “extended position” due to skiing.

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By getting better stability in these muscles, you avoid overusing your neck and shoulders. We’ve refined a lot of muscles that will give him better balance, and that helps avoid any kind of stress injury,” Stowe says.

Good start: Johannes Høsflot Klæbo becomes world sprint and team champion in Planica. At 30 km with a change of skis, it was silver. 15 km freestyle, relay and 50 km classic.

– How would you describe his body as an athlete?

His body is very strong and fast. He’s recovering faster now.

When the doctor arrived two weeks ago, she massaged deeply until the muscles began to relax, while during the competition period she worked more carefully on the “surface”.

– I felt that he was angry with me because I pressed him so hard and he hit his head on the massage table because he didn’t want to swear and say bad words. He was in a lot of pain, Stu says, laughing.

– How is Klæbo doing compared to other big stars you’ve worked with, Basketball star Giannis AntikonmoBasketball star Giannis AntikonmoConsidered one of the best basketball players in the world, with a height of 211 centimeters, he is known for his massive physique. He has the nickname “Greek freak”. For example?

– Johannes is the most professional. He is very disciplined about sleeping, exercising and feeding. And very smart. It’s like a sponge. He wants to learn and develop.

After the water cycle and season are over, they will consider how to proceed with the collaboration.

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– She’s the person I’ve met with the most knowledge when it comes to such things. I am so happy and so lucky to have met Megan. Klæbo says she has a real passion for this.

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