June 10, 2023


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Trana Hotel | You have chosen a contractor and aim to start building a hotel with an outdoor bathroom after the summer

(Rana Leaf): Træna 365 reports in a press release that the company has chosen a contractor for the construction of the planned hotel in Husøy.

– Developer Træna 365 AS has been working since 2021 on realizing plans for a hotel in Træna. An important milestone has now been reached. Having worked out the basis of competition for turnkey contracting, where there has been an even race between several good providers, the winner is clear. MT-Byggteknikk AS is the contractor Træna 365 wants to collaborate with to realize the hotel, says Træna 365 AS general manager Moa Björnson in the press release.

As previously revealed on the Rana Blad Hotel, the hotel will have 38 rooms overlooking Trænafjellene.

In addition to the accommodation, there will also be space for a restaurant, bar, offices and conference facilities as well as a sauna with outdoor bath, etc. In total, the facilities are estimated at approximately 2,700 square metres.

– We chose MT-Byggteknikk because it was competitive in terms of price, showed great interest in the project, and was solution-oriented and creative to interact with. Now there is still a phase of improvement, planning and a number of details that need to be put in place before the spade can be put in place. We aim to start after the summer and look forward to seeing the project come true, Bjornsson continues.

The aim is for the hotel with all facilities, as well as associated residences, a pier and harbour, to be built in parallel and to be completed in 2025.

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– Træna is an exciting local community at the far end of the Helgeland coast, with a rich coastal history and beautiful nature. We will build a hotel that creates positive multiplier effects in the local environment and aims to become a reference project in sustainable tourism development, says Bjornsson.

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