50-70% lower risk of hospitalization

50-70% lower risk of hospitalization
A new British study supports previous studies from South Africa and Scotland and shows that oomicron infection leads to significantly fewer hospital admissions than delta infection. This image is from a Swiss hospital.

Preliminary data from British health authorities indicate that the risk of hospitalization in the omicron case is 50-70 percent lower than in the delta variant.

This supports preliminary studies from South Africa and Scotland, which also concluded that the omicron variant of the coronavirus causes milder disease and results in significantly fewer hospitalizations and deaths.

According to the UK Health Service (UKHSA), a review of data shows that between 31 and 45 percent less likely to be infected with oomicron, visit health care facilities than those infected with the variable delta virus.

Preliminary data also shows that there is a 50 to 70 percent lower risk of people with oomicron infection being hospitalized.

The UKHSA results also indicate that the vaccine’s ability to prevent oomicron infection is impaired ten weeks after the third dose. BBC.

take reservations

The Norwegian Directorate of Health stresses that the study is “preliminary and very uncertain”, because the database is limited, and as of 20 December there were only 132 patients with confirmed omicron infection in British hospitals, the majority of whom were under 40 years of age.

There were 14 deaths among those with omicron infection, but these were among patients aged 52 to 96 years.

The British Health Service, like health authorities in other countries, has found that the Omicron variant appears to spread much faster than previous viral variants, but causes milder disease.

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Omikron can also be stopped to a lesser extent by vaccinations, according to the preliminary conclusions of experts.


Earlier this week, the South African Institute of Public Health (NICD) presented statistics indicating that the risk of hospitalization is 80 per cent lower with an omicron infection compared to the delta variant of the coronavirus.

The study concluded that the risk of serious illness was 70 percent lower than that of delta infection, which has not yet been peer-reviewed.

Analysis of statistics on detected infections and hospitalizations in Scotland, Conducted by researchers at the University of Edinburgh , also suggests the same thing.

This study has not yet been peer-reviewed, but it concluded that the risk of hospitalization is approximately 60 percent lower among microns.

limited protection

According to the Scottish researchers, people who have recently been vaccinated have some protection against omicron, but less protection than against the delta variant.

The study showed that among those who received a third overdose of the mRNA vaccine, the risk of so-called accidental omicron infection was reduced by 57 percent.

The risk of developing symptomatic delta infection is reduced by more than 80 percent for those who received a booster dose.

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