This is how the weather will be all summer – NRK Westland

This is how the weather will be all summer – NRK Westland

After a somewhat chilly spring, summer is finally here. Summers seem to be hot in southern Norway.

– It looks good. I look primarily at temperature. It’s incredibly difficult to say anything about precipitation, says Erik Kolstad, a climate researcher at the research institute NORCE and the Bjerknes Center.

At the first summer game in Bergen he narrowly missed the dress.

– It only started raining after I left early today, laughs Kolstad

Midnight Sun in Posenton, Stegen.

Photo: Heidi Iron Rosenby

Hot in the south, cold in the north

Right now it looks like the good weather will last for a while. July is very beautiful in terms of temperature.

– In southern Norway, of course. In northern Norway, the situation is slightly worse.

Using computer models of ocean state and atmosphere, NORCE and the Bjerknes Center calculate possible weather scenarios.

– We have no idea what Wednesday will be like in two weeks. But we can probably say something about how the week will be – viewed as a whole.

The way they do that is they make hundreds of predictions. They then look for trends in multiple forecasts.

Guam in Trøndelag

20 degrees in Guam last weekend.

Photo: Vigdis Stigum

Enjoy the summer heat

In Forte, three friends enjoy life in the sun on the banks of the Zølstra, which runs through the city.

– We have finished our exams and there is not so much school time per day. If so, it is a pleasure to spend leisure time here, say the women.

Friends are happy to hear that after last year’s cold and wet summer, researchers are working hard to ensure a warmer summer this year.

– It’s great, it’s what we need right now, says Alita Marie Ulvik.

Alida Marie Ulvik, Linnea Helkeim Espeland and Linnea Bodnen

Alita Marie Ulvik, Linnea Helkeim Espeland and Linnea Bodnen sunbathe in Jølstra.

Photo: A Christian Grimland / NRK

July will be hotter than usual

Because of the high uncertainty in forecasts, researchers can’t say whether July will be dry, wet, hot or cold throughout.

– But on average, summers are hotter than normal. This applies to both western and eastern Norway.

These are good signs for those who love hot summers, but at the same time the heat presents a problem.

Hovdevatnet in Ørsta

Hovdevatnet in Ørsta.

Photo: Oddbjørg Moody

Forest fire risk has increased

– The worst drought and wildfire problem in the East right now, and this could develop.

But overall summer seems to be the way people like it. Even if it is dry in a month, it is not certain that it will be dry for the whole of July.

– Does a hotter summer mean more rain?

– Yes, this is something that is starting to catch on in Norway and to some extent in western Norway. For example, Jolster 2019 and similar episodes.

The heat also leads to the risk of more rain

There is something new. When the air is very warm, it holds more moisture. When the first rain falls, you will soon have a torrential downpour.

– The intensity of rain has increased. Mostly in the East, but also in the West. As usually happens, it’s dry when it’s hot, but you might get an afternoon shower or something like that.

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