This is the island given by Mr. Beast – V.G

This is the island given by Mr. Beast - V.G
Nothing: In his latest video, Jimmy Donaldson (24) celebrates reaching 100 million followers by giving him a private island.

Last week, Mr. Beast reached 100 million followers on YouTube, becoming the second most unique YouTuber in the world. He celebrated by giving him a private island in the Bahamas.

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American Jimmy Donaldson (24) took off completely. Recreated the TV series “Squid Game”. on his YouTube channel, Fall 2021. In his latest video, he pulls off another Squid Game stunt, giving away an entire island to one of his YouTube followers.

When Donaldson reached 100 million followers, He promised a very expensive video. He must have worked on this video all year, he said on Twitter.

Contested the island

The long-awaited video was released on Thursday, August 4, a week after she reached the milestone. And Mr. Beast doesn’t skimp on gunpowder.

In the video, 100 of the YouTuber’s followers compete in a four-part elimination tournament – where the grand prize is the island they finish the video on.

Participants went through fire-making competitions, a squid game red/green light reunion, plank walking and finally a good old-fashioned game of hide-and-seek – looking for proof that the island was theirs.

Finally, one of the followers found the evidence, but could not believe his eyes.

– I feel that it is not true. This is your worst video and it doesn’t feel real that I won, the winner tells Donaldson at the end of the video.

SOLD: This island in the Bahamas Mr. Beast gave to a fan in his latest video.

This is the island

The island she conquered is called Bens Sandøy. The “Vlady Private Islands” website mentions that the island is for sale at a particularly good price, with rough roads and outhouses. The price is not mentioned on the page.

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The island, which now has a new owner, is 0.05 km². It corresponds to the size of Kresholmen in Oslo.

MrBeast seems to have upgraded the island with a pool and small cabin before filming.

The elusive prize is located in the Bahamas, south of Florida, USA.

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