This is the speed at which you drive

This is the speed at which you drive

Many people realize that a car’s speedometer can show a little more speed than you actually have, but the deviation varies from car to car. The fairly normal deviation in cars driven by Elbil24 is 4 to 6 percent. But it could also be more than that.

For car manufacturers, the EU requirement is that the speedometer can show a very high speed of up to 10 percent, but they can never show a speed lower than what you actually have.

In practice, it could be the case that you are already driving at 90 km/h even though the speedometer shows 100 km/h.

Measure yourself with the app

In the video above, you see how we use the speedometer app on the phone to find out the real speed when driving.

In our car example, we see, for example, that we are only driving at 64 km/h when the speedometer reads 70 km/h, and that we have to travel up to 77-78 km/h to In reality to drive at 70.

Here the speedometer shows 78 km / h, while the real speed is only 70 km / h, as shown by the phone.  Photo: Pål Joakim Pollen

Here the speedometer shows 78 km / h, while the real speed is only 70 km / h, as shown by the phone. Photo: Pål Joakim Pollen
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In percentage terms, the deviation is about the same as when we have 100 km / h on the speedometer. Then we actually drive 90 km/h and don’t hit 100 km/h until the needle is at 110.

Lots of applications

There are many applications that we have used. We used it ourselves Speedometer∞ (App Store, free) for iPhones, but there are a bunch of other apps that work the same way, which often have functions for measuring the accelerometer from 0 to 100 and such. On Android, for example, you can use GPS speedometer (Play Store, free), which seems to be loved by users.

So these apps use data from the mobile phone’s GPS unit, possibly combined with data from the gyro sensor, and calculate speed based on how the phone’s position moves when driving.

It might be a good idea to have the phone fixed when measuring, so as not to introduce any sources of error, and to keep your speed for a few seconds so the GPS can update.

New wheels can be a game changer

When you ascertain the magnitude of the deviation on your car’s speedometer, it is of course tempting to know the deviation, until eventually you get used to driving a little “faster” than the speed limit.

Know that you must do the check again when changing wheels. The car’s speedometer shows the speed based on the circumference of the wheels and how fast they rotate, so if you replace worn wheels, this circumference may suddenly change, so that in this case the speedometer gets a variable deflection.

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