High train fares:- Holidays were over when I checked the fares

High train fares:- Holidays were over when I checked the fares
High train fares:- Holidays were over when I checked the fares
Expensive: Jonas Ali Khanizadeh was surprised to see the price of the ticket he had booked.

High train fares and a poor krone exchange rate forced Jonas Ali Khanizadeh to change his summer vacation plans. Now Portugal has been replaced by Northern Sweden.

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According to one A recent report by GreenpeaceOpting for rails in front of wings in Europe costs twice as much on average.

– We had big ambitions for our train holiday to Portugal. But when I saw the tickets, I realized it didn’t work,” says Jonas Ali Ganizadeh, a rail enthusiast and MDG politician in Trondheim.

He often travels on long train journeys through Europe and tries to avoid flying as much as possible in order to adapt to the weather.

Train Tourist: Jonas Ali Khanizadeh says that Portugal has been given a holiday and Northern Calote has been given a holiday.

However, high train fares forced him and his wife to change their holiday plans this year.

– The high price and poor kroner exchange rate made us abandon the trip. Now the holiday goes to well-known areas in northern Norway and northern Sweden.

He says he checked the price when planning a vacation in April. He doesn’t remember exactly how much the train holiday cost, but says it would have been several thousand kroner more per person.

– With public transport, he adds.

A rail enthusiast, Ganizadeh believes that trains need to become more competitive to be a real alternative to the aviation industry.

– I think if we’re really going to move people from planes to trains, it’s more about making travel accessible to people. Also, infrastructural facilities should be established. Three to four train companies compete on the same route in Spain.

– The consequences are that people are forced to fly, even if they want to travel more climate-friendly, Halvard Ravand, expert advisor at Greenpeace Norway, tells VG.

Expensive: Train prices in Europe can be up to 30 times higher than flights on some routes, Greenpeace says in a report.

How do high train fares affect Norwegians who want to make climate-friendly choices in their daily lives?

Borger Amas, a climate analyst at Cicero, tells VG that it’s “natural” that trains are a less attractive alternative than flying.

– It is very expensive, time consuming and very difficult to order. There are many things that can be improved, but price is important.

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He continues:

– You can compare it with electric cars and cars. An electric car is now a cheaper and often simpler alternative to a car. We cannot say about trains as a substitute for flying.

– How are Norwegians supposed to make climate-friendly choices on holiday when trains are significantly more expensive than flights?

– A short distance holiday may be recommended, then bus and train may be good alternatives. There is a lot of good information about long train journeys in Europe.

Train holiday?: The question is whether Norwegians will be tempted by a more expensive train holiday this summer.

High train prices apply to the highest level in this country: trains are 35 percent more expensive than flights in Norway, the environmental organization writes. Report.

They have analyzed some routes on different days.

– I know many people who cannot take the train because it costs too much money, says Halvard Ravant, expert advisor at Greenpeace Norway.

He believes that the current rail offer is not attractive enough, adding, “Weather ticketWeather ticketSeason tickets are cheap season tickets for public transport that are valid on all types of public transport within a country or a specific region.» Make it easier for people to choose other travel options.

Want better concessions: Greenpeace Norway’s Special Adviser Halvard Ravant believes the country should have provisions for better rail concessions.

– To reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector, we need to move more passengers from planes to trains. Trains must become more competitive; With more departures, travel times should be reduced and arrangements made for more sleeping compartments.

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– Here you need to use both whip and carrot. Train service should be better and cheaper, air fares should be higher.

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